Wave Bash ends with ideal conditions

Morgan Noireaux rides the waves during Finals day of the Pistol River Wave Bash on June 19 as part of the International Windsurfing Tour.

As if to make amends for last year’s flat winds, this year’s Pistol River Wave Bash saw optimal conditions throughout its week-long competition window stretching from June 15-22.

“It was a spectacular event. There were some of the best conditions we’ve ever seen over the last ten years,” said Russ Faurot. “Fair There were 40 naught plus winds, allowing riders to make jumps in the 30-40 foot range.”

The competition wrapped up June 19, with many competitors heading home before the Wave Bash’s closing ceremony last Saturday. With diminished numbers, the organizers canceled the on-stage presentation, but many participants in the Wave Bash showed up to relax after competing with a local beer.

This year’s top Pro Men’s bracket surfer was Morgan Noireaux, followed by Jake Schettewi in second and Bernd Roediger in third. The Pro Women’s bracket was topped by Sarah Hauser, followed by Arriane Aukes and Maria Andres in second and third, respectively.

Moving on to the amateur division, Z Schettewi took first with Jeff Anderson taking second and third going to Yohan Burrete. Z Schettwei also topped the Youth Bracket, followed by Jake Schettwei in second and Pepe Krause in third.

The Master’s bracket was topped by Sean Aiken at first, with Jonah Lepak taking second and Tem Gronquest at third. Finally, the Grandmaster’s bracket was won by Jeff Henderson in first, Dana Miller in second and James Lundin in third.

In addition to the annual surfing competition, this year’s Wave Bash also boated a three-day clinic for and novice and experienced surfers alike. Some surfers used it as an opportunity to prepare for the Wave Bash, but others used it to get back in the swing of things or get experience windsurfing on the ocean, as opposed to on a lake or river.

“The clinic was cool and went pretty well,” said Faurot. “We did three days and had guys who were experienced rivers windsurfers, but didn’t have any experience in the ocean.”

Vinny Armato was one surfer who returned this year, both for the clinic and competition after taking time off. He’s been surfing for more than 10 years and has competed at Pistol River in the past. He came in fifth in the Amateur bracket this year and looks forward to returning in the future.

“I’m just trying to shake off the rust and get back in the water,” Armato said. “It’s great to see old friends and to be back on the water after all this time.”

You find a full list of results and media from this year’s Wave Bash at the International Windsurfing Tour’s official website at https://internationalwindsurfingtour.com/day-5-pistol-river-wave-bash-finals-day/. You can also find extensive video coverage of the event at the provided link.

This year’s Wave Bash was also extensively covered by film crews as part of a movie about the International Windsurfing Tour. Once the film is completed, Faurot and co-owner Simeon Glass are considering an Oregon showing once the film is released.


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