The Brookings-Harbor Bruins got their game going early and firing on all cylinders Friday evening to open up their preseason quest with a victory by handling the visiting Gold Beach Panthers on both sides of the ball 54-6. BHHS Head Football Coach, Shaun Bavaro, was pleased with his teams efforts overall in a game where eight touchdowns were scored, utilizing all three starting quarterbacks with a few moments for the Junior Varsity number callers as well.

"We played well on all phases of the game tonight. There was good game execution and my kids were making their reads right." Adding "I was happy for the kids it was a good start and a good football game."

The Bruins went up early scoring 27 points in the 1st quarter when Senior, Ethan Hooper connected with Jacob McCollum less than two minutes into the game to go up 7-0 after the PAT. Soon after Jo'Moria Beasley picked off a Justin Storns pass ambling into the end zone to make it 14-0. It would be one of three interceptions on the night for Gold Beach, two resulting in eventual Blue and Gold scores. Next Hooper was back at it busting a move for a 55 yard payday. Then, Holler took his turn at QB, motoring in the Bruins from 4 yards out. By half time Brookings Harbor was up 34-0 with big man 5'8" 185 lb. Senior, Manny Zamora, packing the mail for most of the night for the Bruins offense.

The Panthers had opportunities but their drives sputtered going three and out for most of the contest to a team that had them outgunned in size and depth.

GBHS Head Coach Kevin Swift knew it wasn't going to be easy going into the game when his team assembled for the first time less than two weeks ago.

"Look, you can't take 4 months off and expect to be in it but we will keep chugging along." Then as an after thought "We'll get there."

Indeed, when most teams may have thrown in the towel-down 48-0 by midway through the 3rd-Gold Beach found a silver lining and the fog parted long enough for the Panthers to put together an 8 minute drive that culminated in a score. The new found lease had GBHS ripping into the Bruins defensive middle for six yards here, five yards there, behind the hard charging dual battering rams, Rodriguez and Timeus.

Bavaro was impressed.

"Hats off to Gold Beach! They played all four quarters and Swift has a gritty 22 kids there." Adding " I was very impressed, they(GB)fought hard on every single play, we just had more firepower that's all."

The Bruins finished the evening up with first time freshman quarterback, Kyle Burger, nabbing a four yard scamper into the end zone for the final 54-6. 

Next Friday, (1-0) Brookings-Harbor faces Bandon on the road, while the (0-1) Gold Beach Panthers will be at home against Illinois Valley. Games start at 7 p.m.


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