The Bruin boys basketball team is hosting their annual Beat the Heat summer tournament this weekend. Varsity and junior varsity teams from around Oregon and northern California will be playing at Brookings-Harbor High School all weekend.

The first game was Friday with the Bruins facing the University Prep team

Today’s first game follows that up at 9 a.m. with the Bruins varsity playing against Sheridan. The tournament will wrap up Sunday with the final game at 6 p.m. with the Bruins varsity going against McKinleyville.

This year’s tournament will be headed by interim coach Jesse Beaman, with coach Buell Gonzales leaving to take a position in Eastern Oregon this upcoming school year.

The full schedule for the tournament is as follows:


7 p.m. Sheridan vs. University Prep

8 p.m. Brookings vs. University Prep


9 a.m. Sheridan vs. Brookings

10 a.m. Sheridan JV vs. Brookings JV

11 a.m. Cascade Christian vs. University Prep

12 p.m. Cascade Christian JV vs. McKinleyville JV

1 p.m. McKinleyville vs. Gold Beach

2 p.m. University Prep vs. Del Norte

3 p.m. McKinleyville JV vs. Sheridan JV

4 p.m. Gold Beach vs. Del Norte

5 p.m. Sheridan vs. McKinleyville

6 p.m. Cascade Christian vs. Brookings

7 p.m. Cascade Christian JV vs. Brookings JV


9 a.m. Sheridan vs. Del Norte

10 a.m. Brookings vs. Gold Beach

11 a.m. Sheridan JV vs. Cascade Christian JV

12 p.m. Cascade Christian vs. Del Norte

1 p.m. Sheridan vs. Gold Beach

2 p.m. Sheridan JV vs. Brookings JV

3 p.m. Cascade Christian JV vs. McKinleyville JV

4 p.m. Cascade Christian vs. McKinleyville

5 p.m. Brookings JV vs McKinleyville JV

6 p.m. Brookings vs. McKinleyville