After a strong year that saw them winning league undefeated at 15-0 and going to the second round of playoffs before being knocked out in the quarterfinals by Warrenton, the Bruins have earned a slew of All-State awards to add to their achievements for the year.

“In order to be selected for any All-State honors, you would have had to have been at least a first-team all-leaguer,” said Bruins coach Keith Wallin.

The Bruins earned many all-league awards this year to boast a large pool of first-team players. Roman Worthey received All-League MVP this year in Special District 4.

For league, Adam Shew earned First Team Pitcher, Jacub McCollum earned First Team Catcher, Brig Schofield earned First Team Infield, Jason Vanginderen earned First Team First Baseman, Jon Kleespies earned First Team Outfield, Andrew Burger earned First Team Utility and Payton Armentrout earned Second Team Infield. Schofield, Worthey, McCurdy and Kleespies are all graduating seniors.

At the All-State level, the Bruins earned a total of six awards scattered across first, third and second team honors.

First up is Bruins pitchers Worthey and Shew, who both earned First Team Pitcher honors. Kleespies also earned First Team Outfielder. The Bruins lone second-team honor was Vanginderen, earning First Team first baseman. For third team honors, McCollum earned Third Team Catcher, while Burger was awarded Third Team Utility.

While the Bruins baseball season ended last month, many members of the team are participating in summer baseball activities from now until July 11. The Bruins have played several games already and have a home game today at 4 p.m. before heading to Newport over the weekend. Coach Wallin excepts the team to play around 16 games total over the summer.