It has been a windy week on the Wild Rivers Coast, making bottomfishing and halibut fishing nearly impossible on both sides of the border for much of the week. The good news is that once the Pacific Ocean starts to calm back down, anglers will be allowed to target salmon as well with the season opening in both Southern Oregon and Northern California today.

Although the wind has made for a slow week of ocean fishing, reports of salmon catches on the Rogue River have picked up this week, along with reports of good trout fishing on Lake Garrison near Port Orford.

River fishing

Due to windy conditions on the ocean, anglers best bet this week has been to the north where the Rogue River has had an uptick in catches of spring salmon over the past week after the run had hit a little bit of a lull.

Salmon fishing on the Klamath River is still closed for the fall run until July 1.

Anglers are also reporting lots of trout are biting in Garrison Lake up near Port Orford.

On the ocean

It has been a slow week for ocean anglers as most boats spent the week at the docks to due high winds on both sides of the border.

Andy Martin said a few anglers went out on Friday and were able to nab a few bottomfish, but conditions didn’t allow for boats to get out far enough to target Pacific halibut.

Oregon anglers also received some good news late in the week as the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announced that crabbing in Southern Oregon reopened on Friday following two straight clean tests for domoic acid, which originally triggered the closure.

Down in California things have been even more slow as Friday was still too windy for most boats to go bottomfishing. Crabbing is still open in California as well, though it has been a slow season overall so far.

Although the forecast calls for fairly rough ocean conditions again today, the salmon season is now officially open on both sides of the California-Oregon border.

This year the salmon season will remain open throughout the summer after a few straight year’s of periodic closures to the ocean salmon season in California.

Although anglers will be able to target salmon for the next few months, there is reason to be optimistic for a strong start to the season.

Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing said some commercial fishermen got into a lot of salmon about 3-5 miles from shore prior to the rise in weather. Martin also said guides out of San Francisco have reportedly been limiting out on salmon since the season opened on May 18 to the south.

Biggest lingcod underway, biggest salmon starting up

Anglers out of Crescent City are invited to participate in Engulnd Marine Supply Company’s annual biggest lingcod competition, and its biggest salmon competition this year.

All fish must be legally harvested under California regulations, and must be weighted and photographed at the Englund Marine store in the harbor. Bring the fish in during business hours to enter it.

At the end of the season, the angler with the biggest lingcod, and the biggest caught in 2019 will receive a free rod and reel.

The current leader in the biggest lingcod competition is 29 pounds. The biggest salmon competition will opens today.

Fishing contacts: Tally Ho II Sportfishing at 707-464-1236; Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing at 206-388-8988; Englund Marine Supply Company at 707-464-323.