After smashing their way through their season at a record-breaking 25 wins, the Bruins have earned several All-League Awards for baseball this year as they prepare to jump into state playoffs next week.

The Bruins earned eight total league awards and are currently ranked No. 1 in the OSAA 3A rankings. If they maintain the No.1 or No. 2 position as rankings are frozen on Saturday, they’ll go into playoffs with the homefield advantage all the way up to finals.

Roman Worthey received All-League MVP this year in Special District 4. Adam Shew earned First Team Pitcher, Jacub McCollum earned First Team Catcher, Brig Schofield earned First Team Infield, Jason Vanginderen earned First Team First Baseman, Jon Kleespies earned First Team Outfield, Andrew Burger earned First Team Utility and Payton Armentrout earned Second Team Infield. Schofield, Worthey, McCurdy and Kleespies are all graduating seniors.

The Bruins ended league in first place with an undefeated 15-0. They are 25-1 overall so far this year, experiencing only a single loss to Banks during the Hidden Valley tournament. They currently have 236 runs scored and 52 allowed this season.

The Bruins traveled to Hidden Valley Friday after their endowment game was changed to away due to wet conditions at the Brookings-Harbor field.

Rankings will be frozen on Saturday night with the Bruins first playoff opponent being decided and scheduled after. The Bruins will likely play at home, but if conditions are poor may instead travel to U.S Cellular Field in Medford to play at the neutral site.

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