Last Friday, the Bruins wrapped up their league season on the road when they took on the Sutherlin Bulldogs in a double-header, prevailing at 3-0 in the series.

The first game was relatively close, with the Bruins snatching the win at 14-10 after falling behind by seven runs in the first inning, while the second game was a clear-cut win for the Bruins at 18-8 win.

This leaves the Bruins sitting in third place with a 6-6 league record, qualifying them for the state playoffs. Currently, the Bruins wait for the rest of the 3A leagues to finish their seasons before brackets are announced, which will likely be later this week.

The first game saw the Bruins fall far behind in the first inning as the Bulldogs scored a whopping seven runs to the Bruins single run. The Bruins didn’t back down, however, scoring two runs in the second innings while giving up one, taking things to 8-3 in the Bulldogs favor.

The Bruins continued to mount their comeback as they scored two more runs in the third inning while keeping the Bulldogs in check. They did the same in the fourth and fifth inning, seizing the lead going into the sixth at 9-8.

The fifth inning was definitive for the Bruins, who scored five runs while giving up two to take things to 14-10. The game ended with Bruins victory as neither team managed a run in the seventh and final inning.

Tillie Peters smacked five hits over the course of the game and had the most runs batted in for the Bruins at three. Gracie Harms pitched for the Bruins, managing 19 first-pitch strikes and eight strikeouts.

The second game saw the Bruins down again in the first inning, this time at a more manageable 3-1. The Bruins scored two more runs in the second inning and three in the third inning as they kept the Bulldogs in check.

Going into the fourth inning ahead at 6-3, the Bruins nearly doubled their lead with five unopposed runs, taking things to 11-3. From there, the Bulldogs began to mount a comeback, first with two unopposed runs in the fifth inning and then another three in the fourth inning, taking things to 11-8. The Bruins capped things off with a big seventh inning as they made seven unopposed runs to secure the win at 18-8.

Madison Taylor pitched the second game for the Bruins, earning 17 first-pitch strikes and five total strikeouts. Jannah James and Harms tied for most hits at three each, while Lexi Schofield topped RBIs at three.

The Bruins went 12-14 overall this year and are currently ranked No. 17 in the OSAA 3A rankings. They’ll play again in the coming weeks when their first playoff opponent is decided.