After a 7-2 defeat on the road Tuesday, the Bruins hosted the South Umpqua Lancers for a rematch doubleheader on Friday. The Bruins weren’t able to avenge their earlier loss as they took another two losses at 17-1 and 15-2, going 3-0 overall against the Lancers.

“We didn’t show up, simple way to put it,” said Bruins head coach Tony Baron. “We’ll take a nice break and refocus. Tuesday we had a great game, but not quite this one.”

The first of Friday’s games began grimly for the Bruins as they gave up two runs in the first inning and another three in the second. While they managed to keep the Lancers off home in the third inning, they lept away in the fourth with a big six runs. The Bruins managed a single run of their own in the fourth but were 11-1 going into the fifth.

The Lancers capped things off with another six runs and the Bruins weren’t mount a comeback before the game reached the end of the fifth inning and was called because it had gone beyond the ten-point score difference.

Gracie Harms pitched three innings for 13 first-pitch strikes, while Madison Taylor pitched the remaining two for six first-pitch strikes of her own. Taylor also earned the Bruins their single run with a home run in the fourth inning.

The second game looked brighter for the Bruins at the start as they took two runs to the Lancer’s single run, but the Lancers quickly bounced back in the second inning with three runs to take things to 4-2.

The Lancers kept their pace in the third quarter as they more than doubled their points with five runs, taking things to 9-2, with two home run hits under their belt. The Bruins weren’t able to mount an offensive as the Lancers capped things off in the fourth with six runs to take the game to 15-2 and finally ending things after neither team managed to score in the fifth inning and the game was called.

Harms pitched another three innings before the Bruins subbed in Taylor and Jordan Crosby to play another inning each. Harms managed 11 first-pitch strikes, while Taylor had four. Harms also had two strikeouts.

After these losses, the Bruins are now 8-14 this season and were last ranked No. 20 in the OSAA 3A rankings. In the league, the Bruins are 2-6 and were placed tentatively in third place.

The Bruins play again on Monday when they travel to Douglas to play their final game against the Winston team at 5 p.m. After that, they’ll break for a week before taking on Sutherlin in their final scheduled set of games for the season

“Douglas is a good team and we’ll play them. We can beat anyone when we’re playing well. We just couldn’t pull it together today,” Baron said. “We’ve only got the one senior and are mostly sophomores and freshmen and they were a great team.”