Bruins baseball

The Bruins faced off against the Toledo Boomers on Friday for a 7-5 win before traveling to Taft on Saturday to play the Tigers for an 11-4 win.

Friday’s game saw the Bruins grab the lead in the first inning, shutting down the Boomers at 2-0. The Bruins scored unopposed again in the second inning, but after an uneventful fourth inning began to lose the momentum.

The Boomers scored a single point in the fourth but jumped ahead of the Bruins in the fifth with an additional three points. The sixth innings saw things come to a tie at 5-5 when the Bruins scored two points and the Boomers one.

The seventh inning had the Bruins finally break ahead with two more points as they shut down the Boomers and ended at a clean 7-5 win. The Bruins had a total of 32 at-bats and 16 hits.

Jon Kleespies was the top hitter for the Bruins at three, while Jacob McCollum and Manny Zamora tied for the most RBIs at three each.

Saturday’s game against Taft had the Tigers draw first blood with a single run in the first inning. The Bruins came back with two points of their own in the second inning as an uneventful third inning led to the Bruins doubling their points in the fourth.

It was 6-1 going into the fifth inning, with the Bruins scoring a single point before transitioning into the sixth. The Tigers started to bounce back with three runs with the Bruins putting nothing on the board themselves. The seventh inning had the Bruins break away once anf for all hoever, with a big five points to quash the Tiger’s comeback and take things to 11-4.

The Bruins had 25 at-bats and 12 total hits. Adam Shew, Jon Kleepsies and McCollum were the top hitters with two each, also with two RBI’s each. Shew pitched most of the game with 13 first-pitch strikes and eight strikeouts. Roman Worthey filled out the rest with four first ptich strikes and a strikeout of his own.

The Bruins are undefeated so far at 5-0. The team heads to Hidden Valley later today to play in a tournament, with their first opponent being their new league rival St. Mary’s at 2 p.m. After that, they’ll face Banks at 4 p.m. before wrapping things up on Thursday against Mazama.

The Bruins will then play a non-league game on April 5 before beginning league play against Douglas on April 9 with a game at home at 5 p.m.

Bruins golf

The Bruins golfers will pick things back up after spring break on Monday at Laurel Hill Golf Course in Gold Hill with a tournament starting at 1 p.m. After that they head to Eagle Point on April 4 for a tournament at noon.

Panthers baseball

The Panthers are off this week for spring break and will resume play on Tuesday against Myrtle Point with a home game at 4:30 p.m. This will be their first league game of the season.

Panthers softball

The Panthers have no games this week in honor of spring break and will resume on Tuesday with their first league game against Myrtle Point at 4 p.m. at home.