The Toledo Boomers continued their winning ways by paying a visit to Colvin Court Friday. Once there they proceeded to hand their hosts, the Gold Beach Panthers, a Sunset Conference shellacking by scoring a 100 points...but wait a minute not so fast.

The Panthers, to their credit, hung close to the No. 3 team in the state, at least for half of the game, down by only 4 points 17-13 at the end of the first period and 35-22 at the half. Not bad for an upstart team that should have been blown out of the water on paper right out of the gate.

Gold Beach was scrappy early on, flying to the ball and making some clutch shots to keep it close but you can only keep the lid on a volcano for only so long until it blows.

The Boomers lay claim to the top spot in the Sunset 2A-4 Conference boasting a 9-0 record (21-1) overall going into the evening. After halftime they made that point painfully clear by raining down a torrential flood of three pointers from behind the arc to hang nearly 70 points on the bewildered Panthers in the second half. Sometimes

your mojo just goes away or the other guy wants to put an exclamation mark on their pride being challenged. Whatever the case the Boomers exploded after the intermission.

The Panther men under the direction of first year head coach, Korby Altman, struggled to contain the speedy Toledo offensive five, finding themselves playing 'D' more than they wanted to in the second half.

Their challenge? Defending a team that can hit shots in rapid succession from the way, way out areas of the outback effectively put the game and out of reach.

Still Altman had to feel good about making the Boomers work for it.

Even if just for a while.

With the loss Gold Beach(4-6) keeps the 4th spot in the Sunset 2A-4 Conference ahead of Walport and Myrtle Point. Next up the Panthers were on the road to Myrtle Point on Tuesday.