The Bruins and South Umpqua Lancers faced one another yet again Friday night, with the Bruins reasserting their dominance over the Lancers as they took a 53-35 win.

The two teams found themselves evenly matched in the first quarter, each scoring 14 points and going into the second quarter tied. Things swung into the Bruins favor in the second quarter, as they scored a big 16 points while keeping the lancers locked down at nine.

The score was 30-23 in the Bruins favor going into the second half. The Bruins scored up another 12 points in the third quarter and kept the Lancers to a single digit at eight, taking things to 42-31. The final quarter came together as the Bruins kept up the pressure with 11 points and shut down the Lancers who only managed to eke out four before the game ending at 53-35 in the Bruins favor.

The Bruins top scorer of the night was Sidney Alexander. After a string of four successful free throws in the second quarter, she jumped ahead with three three-pointers and a pair of two-pointers to come out on top at 17 points.

Next best was Lexi Schofield with 15 points from four three-pointers and a single free throw and two-pointer.

The Bruins remain firmly in first place of the Far West league, with only Sutherlin close enough to contest the championship. They are 7-2 in league with one game reamining and 12-8 overall. The Bruins were last ranked No. 10 in the OSAA 3A rankings.

The Bruins play their final scheduled game of the season at home on Tuesday night when they take on the Cascade Christian Challengers at 6 p.m. After that, they’ll be bound for the 3A state playoffs.