The Bruins played a nerve-wracking game against the Douglas Trojans on Friday night, taking a 52-48 victory after double overtime.

“At this point in the year, there are no secrets. They took away some things we liked to do and we took away some things they like to do,” said Bruins coach Chris Schofield. “I thought overall they adapted better, but things always look different when you can just make shots.”

The Bruins fell behind in the first half after the Trojans seized the momentum in the first quarter. Led by Sidney Alexander with five points, the Bruins scored a total nine points to the Trojans 11.

While the Trojans kept the momentum in the second and scored 10 points, the Bruins tried to keep pace with six points by Lexi Schofield. The game entered the second half at 21-15 in the Trojans favor.

Things turned around in the third quarter as the Bruins bounced back with a vengeance. With Lexi Schofield leading with seven points, the Bruins bridged the gap as the Trojans kept their pace with 11 points.

Going into the final quarter at 32-30 on the Trojans favor, it was a constant back and forth. Thanks to a glut of successful free throws, the Bruins tied things up at 44-44, forcing overtime.

The overtime was another back and forth, but with four points each when the clock ran out, the teams went on double overtime at 48-48. Things remained close, but after a few more good free-throws the Bruins took the win at 52-48.

Lexi Schofield was the top scorer for the Bruins at 15 points. Next best was Chloe McCrae at 10 followed by Mickey Fulton with eight.

You never know with a young team,” Chris Schofield said. “I thought we handled ourselves really well and came back with a lot of energy in the second half.”

The Bruins remain undefeated in league at 6-0, resting comfortably in first with a two-game cushion. Overall, the Bruins are 11-6 and were last ranked No. 10 in the OSAA 3A rankings.

The Bruins hit the road this weekend to play the Sutherlin Bulldogs at 6 p.m.