In their first rematch game if the season, the Bruins defeated the Douglas Trojans at a wide 91-39 after taking a big lead in the first quarter.

“We came out with a lot of energy, took the lead and kept going,” said Bruins coach Buell Gonzales.

The Bruins scored first, but the Trojans quickly rebuttled for a small lead. With a flood of two-pointers, the the Bruins rebuttled with a big 20 points to the Trojan’s nine. The second half was even Bigger, with the Bruins scoring a huge 27 points led by Brig Schofield with 15 points. The Trojans only mustered 12 in reponse, with the gaming going into its second half at 47-27 in the Bruins favor.

The Bruins kept a firm hold on the momentum in the second half with another barrage of two-pointers and a free-throw to take them to 21 points in the thrid quarter. The Trojans managed seven points of their own as the final quarter began at a wise 68-22.

A final set of two-pointers and a free throw saw the Bruins wrap up the fourth quarter with 23 points, still far ahead of the Trojans who managed 11. The game wrapped up at a wide 91-39.

The top scorer for the Bruins was Schofield at 19 points from four three-pointers, three two-pointers and a free throw. Not far behind, Jason Vanginderen and Logan Holler brought in the rear with 18-points each. Vanginderen had eight two-pointers while Holler had a mix of seven two-pointers and four free-throws.

The Bruins are now 4-2 in league play, competing for second place behind the undefeated Sutherland. At 11-8 overall, the Bruins were last ranked No. 15 in the OSAA rankings.

The Bruins face the undefeated Sutherlin Bulldogs on the road Friday at 7:30 p.m.