While the Bruins football team had ones of its most successful seasons in recent memory last fall, one member of their ranks, in particular, was recognized statewide for his efforts.

“It was exciting. With this and getting a league MVP too, I was glad I was able to have such a successful season,” Senior Brig Schofield said of also being named 2nd Team All-State linebacker by the OSAA. “My season was really fun and to get these honors was just the cherry on top.”

According to Bruins coach Sean Bavaro, the last time a Bruins player received such an honor was in 2004.

“It’s great to get some recognition for us kids down here on the coast, we’re so far from most other places,” Bavaro said.

The All-State awards were voted on by coaches from all across Oregon at the 3A level. Though coaches can advocate for their own players, they can’t vote on their own kids.

Schofield also won Defensive Player of the Year, as well as first-team honors for defense and second team honors for offense in his conference.

“He was one of our captains, a great leader and really held the team together. He was like our quarterback on defense,” Bavaro said. “He made a lot of great plays and often kept us in the ball game. He was huge on defense and a great leader, a real part of the foundation of the team.”

Schofield will graduate this year but has kept busy since football season. He is currently playing on the Bruins boys basketball team and will likely play for the baseball team again come spring.

“I’ve only got five more months before I’m out of here but it’s super exciting to leave a legacy while I go to start my life and leave my legacy on the world,” Schofield said.

“It will be huge shoes to fill, both a player on the field and a figure in the locker room. We’ll have our hands full,” Bavaro said. “We’ll never be able to replace him but hopefully, we can keep things running like they were when he was around.”