Update: a prior version of this article incorrectly stated that the Bruins wrestling team would hold their senior night at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday. The correct time was 6 p.m.

Bruins boys basketball

The Bruins played a close game against Cascade Christian Challengers on Friday, falling just short of a win at 57-56 in the Challenger’s favor. The then Bruins played at home on Saturday for a non-league game against St. Bernard’s, taking a 72-46 win.

The Bruins began the second half of league play at a 3-2 record, tied for second place with St. Mary’s and Cascade Christian. Ahead of them in first are the Sutherlin Bulldogs, who are undefeated in league play at 5-0. The Bruins are 10-7 overall and were last ranked No. 14 in the OSAA 3A rankings.

Tuesday night, the Bruins played their first league rematch against the Douglas Trojans. On Friday, the Bruins will travel to play Sutherlin against at 7:30 p.m. Sutherlin beat the Bruins at a narrow 39-38 during their first game on Jan, 11.

Bruins girls basketball

The Bruins finished the first half of league play undefeated on Friday when they took on the Cascade Christian Challengers on the road for a 57-39 win.

Cascade Christian took an early lead in the first quarter with a couple three-pointers and three two-pointers. The Bruins tried to keep pace with three-pointers from Sierra Fitzhugh and Sidney Alexander, as well as a two-pointer by Shelby Jirsa.

The second half began with the Challengers in the lead at 12-8, but the Bruins had a big 15-point quarter with Avana Pettus scoring eight points for the team. Lexi Schofield and Alexander both managed a three-pointer with Schofield grabbing an extra point from a free throw. Going into the second half, the Challengers were barely ahead at 24-23.

The third quarter was the biggest for the Bruins, who came out and scored a big 20 points from two-pointers across the team. The Challengers could only match half that with 10 points of their own, putting the Bruins ahead at 43-34.

Pettus had another big quarter in the fourth, with half a dozen free throws and a two-pointer. A pair of three throws and a two-pointer from Jirsa and a two-pointer from Fitzhugh helped put the Bruins comfortably ahead. A humble five points from the Challengers saw the game end at 57-39 in the Bruins favor

Pettus was the top scorer for the Bruins Friday night with a big 20 points. Next best was Jirsa with nine points and third was a tie between Alexander and Fitzhugh at eight each.

The Bruins began the second half of league play on Tuesday against the Douglas Trojans. They went in undefeated at 5-0, ranked first in the league, with Sutherlin the closest behind at 3-2; Overall, the Bruins are 10-6 and were last ranked No. 10 in the OSAA 3A rankings.

The Bruins play Sutherlin this Friday on the road at 7:30 p.m. The following week they’ll play St. Mary’s again on the road at 7:30 p.m.

Bruins wrestling

On Friday, the Bruins wrestlers took on the South Umpqua at their Tri Dual meet. After forfeiting four matches due to injury, the Bruins lost the meet 36-21.

Ben Buehler had the biggest match of the night according to coach Alonzo Nalls. He was down 6-5 and managed a takedown with only 30 seconds left in the match.

Nalls said the rest of the team managed some good pins but overall were outmatched. Manny Zamora, Louis Blandau and Averi Winn all finished their matches with falls. Nalls said the team is still showing improvement even as the season nears its end.

The team will head to the girl's state qualifier meet next week where Nalls expects Alexandra Contreras to do well, hopefully qualifying for the state tournament.

The Bruins host their senior night at 6 p.m. where they’ll say goodbye to Contreras, Johnny Zamora and Jacob Wellenbrock.

Panthers boys Basketball

After a flat start at the beginning of their league season, the Panthers bounced back this weekend with two wins, establishing a three-game streak as they entered the second half of league play.

The Panthers played the Reedsport Braves on Friday for their first rematch game that ended at 62-51 in the Panthers favor.

Things were close in the first half, but the Panthers took the advantage in the first quarter at 12-10 and slightly outscored the Braves in the second at 9-8 in the second quarter. They went into the second half at 21-18 in the Panthers favor.

The Panthers ran away with the game in the third quarter with a huge 26 points to the Braves 12 with a glut of three-point and two-point shots. The Braves kept fighting in the fourth quarter, earning 21 points. The Panthers kept pace with a flood of free throws however for 15 points of their own, ending the game with the Panthers ahead 62-51.

Brandon Seuser-Smith was the top scorer for the Panthers at 24 points. Next best was Halcumb with 17 points with Trenton Storns bringing in third with 10.

On Saturday, the Panthers played Waldport Irish on Saturday where they took another win at 52-41 to officially polish off their first round of league games.

The Irish took the lead in the first quarter with 14 points as the Panthers kept pace with a handle of two-pointers and a few three throws for 11 of their own. The momentum turned in the second quarter as the Panthers outscored the Irish twice as much at 16-8, taking things to 27-22 going into the second half.

The Panthers kept ahead in the third, outscoring the Irish 12-9 and taking the game to 41-31. The final quarter was close with the Panthers keeping ahead at 13-12 and with their established lead they took the win at 52-41.

Halcumb was the top scorer this time around with 17 points, followed up by Seusur-Smith at 12 and Jonny Moore at 11.

With two more wins under their belt, the Panthers are now 3-4 in league play. They’ve risen to the middle of the pack where they’re now tied with Reedsport and Bandon. Toledo sits undefeated in first place, while Coquille sits close behind in second with 6-1.

The Panthers are 8-11 overall this season and were last ranked No. 32 in the OSAA 2A rankings.

The Panthers took a break on Tuesday after playing both games over the weekend and return on Friday where they will play Waldport again on the road at 7 p.m.

Panthers girls basketball

The Panthers played two games over the weekend as they transitioned into the second half of league play.

Friday night, the Panthers took on Reedsport for their first league rematch and bested the Braves at 30-26, taking their first league win of the season.

The Panthers took a big 13-2 lead in the first quarter, led by Kailina Hamilton with three two-pointers and a pair of free throws. The Braves began to catch up in the second quarter by scoring 11 points to the Panthers five, but the Panthers came out ahead as the first half ended at 18-13.

The third quarter was close as the Braves scored five points to the Panther’s four, taking things to 22-18. The final quarter saw both teams evenly matched with eight points each, but the Panthers lead gave them the win at 30-26.

Hamilton and Briena Seuser-Smith shared the top scoring spot at 12 each, Sueser-Smith with five free-throws, a pair of two-pointers and a three-pointer and Hamilton with four two-pointers and four free-throws.

On Saturday, the Panthers played the Waldport Irish taking a 44-36 loss.

The Panthers took a big lead in the first quarter at 16-7, but the Irish came back in the second quarter to nearly top it with 18-11. The game went into the second half at 27-25 in the Panthers favor.

The Panthers lost their momentum in the third quarter, only managing to make a pair of free-throws as they Braves put 14 points on the board and took things to 39-29. The fourth quarter saw the Panthers rally and outscore the Braves by two points, but it couldn’t make up the difference, ending the game at 44-36 in the Braves favor.

The top scorer for the Panthers was Hamilton at 19 followed by Seusur-Smith at 17.

The Panthers are now 1-6 in league play, tied for sixth place with Reedsport. They are 3-16 overall this season and were last ranked No. 4s in the OSAA 2A rankings.

The Panthers will take Tuesday off and then travel to play the Irish again on Friday at 5:30 p.m.