The Panthers hosted the Myrtle Point Bobcats Tuesday night, resulting in a 45-21 loss for the Panthers.

“It was pretty rough for it. It was a tough time,” said Panthers coach Chris Clark. “We don’t have the depth this year that we’ve had in previous years and we got into some foul trouble.”

The first quarter was a rough one for the Panthers as they only managed a single basket, a two-pointer by Brienna Seusor-Smith. The Bobcats scored a solid nine points with several two-pointers and a free-throw, going into the second quarter at 9-2.

The Panthers continued to struggle in the second quarter, only managing another two-pointer and a pair of free-throws. The Bobcats increased their pace, scoring a big 15 points to the Panthers four. The game went into the second half at 24-6 in the Bobcats favor.

Things were closer in the third quarter, but the Panthers still struggled to find their bearings with just a pair of two-pointers and a free-throw to the Bobcats seven total points. The score was 31-11 going into the final quarter.

The Panthers found their footing in the fourth quarter and managed to put 10 points on the board, but with a wide lead already, the Bobcats came out ahead and ended the game at 45-21.

Jennifer Risenhoover and Kailina Hamilton tied for the spot of top scorer for the Bruins at five points each Hamilton had a two-pointer and three free-throws, while Risenhoover had a two-pointer and a three-pointer. Seusor-Smith and Abby Buffington were next best with three each. Both had a two-pointer and a free throw.

“Our kids played really hard and competed well in the last half. Since we were down, we were trying some new things defensively and used it as an opportunity to work on the things for our future,” Clark said. “We just didn’t have enough firepower to overcome such big deficit.”

The Panthers are now 0-5 in league play at seventh place in the Sunset Conference. At 2-14 overall this season, they are ranked No. 43 in the OSAA 2A rankings.

Friday night, the Panthers hosted Reedsport for a rematch game. Later today they play Waldport at 7 p.m. They’ll then pick things back up Friday night when they travel for a rematch game against Waldport at 7 p.m.