The Panthers took their first league win of the season, 64-57, on Tuesday night against the Myrtle Point Bobcats.

“We played hard and pressed the entire game to cause a few good turnovers,” said Panthers coach Korby Altman. “Overall, it was a good effort and we had most of our kids in the game.”

Brandon Seusor-Smith led the Panthers in the first quarter with 10 of their 16 points scored. The Bobcats trailed close behind with 15 points of their own. Eli Halcumb helped the Panthers earn a solid lead in the second quarter with a few free throws and a two-pointer. Another 16 points left the Panthers ahead at 32-27 going into the second half.

A glut of two-pointers across the team put the Panthers ahead by 20 points in the third quarter as the Bobcats fell behind with only nine points of their own. The game entered its final quarter with the Panthers ahead 52-36, but the Bobcats wouldn’t go down without a fight.

The final quarter saw the Bobcats score a whopping 21 points as the Panthers kept pace with over a dozen free throw opportunities. With eight free throws and a pair of twos, the Panthers kept ahead thanks to their lead, wrapping things up at 64-57.

Seusor-Smith was the top scorer for the Panthers with 30 points. Next best was Eli Halcumb with 15 points, while Jonny Moore took third best at 10.

“It was a good team effort,” Altman said. “Brandon had a big game with 30 points and that was thanks to the rest of the guys getting the ball to him.”

The Panthers are now 1-4 in league play at sixth place in the Sunset Conference. At 6-11 overall, the Panthers were last ranked No. 34 in the OSAA 2A rankings.

The Panthers played Reedsport in their first league rematch game on Friday and will play Waldport for the first time this season today at 7 p.m. After that, the Panthers take Tuesday off before traveling to Waldport for a rematch game at 4 p.m.