Bruins boys basketball

The Bruins took on the South Umpqua Lancers Friday night for a big 82-45 win against their returning rivals.

A big lead for the Bruins left the Lancers far behind as the Bruins continued to outscore them in each quarter.

The Bruins ran away with the game in the first quarter. Led by Luke Beaman with a pair of two-pointers and a three-pointer, the Bruins outscored the Lancers eightfold at 24-3.

The Lancers rallied in the second quarter to put more points on the board with 12, but the Bruins still kept hold of the momentum with 19 points of their own, with Brig Schofield running ahead with a pair of three-pointers and a couple free-throws. The half ended at 43-15 in the Bruins favor.

The Lancers kept pace with the Bruins in the third quarter, but the Bruins still came out just ahead by scoring 20 to the Lancer’s 18. Logan Holler led the quarter with three twos and a free throw. It was 63-33 going into the final quarter.

The fourth saw the Bruins take another big 19-points with Beaman leading with another seven points. The Lancers managed 12 points of their own, but the game ended with a wide 52-45 split.

Schofield was the top scorer for the Bruins with 23 points. He had five three-pointers, a pair of twos and four free throws throughout the game. Beaman came in next best with 17 points from five two-pointers, a pair of threes and a single free-throw. Evan Froncowiak came in third best at 12. He had a pair of three-pointers, a pair of twos and three free-throws.

With this win, the Bruins are 3-1 in league play and are tied for second place with St. Mary’s. Ahead of them sits the Sutherland Bulldogs, who are undefeated in league play so far this year. Overall, the Bruins are 9-6 for the season and were last ranked No. 11 in the OSAA 3A rankings.

The Lancers moved down to the 3A level with the Bruins this year as part of the new 3A Far West League. With their loss to the Bruins, they are now 0-5 for the season, sitting in sixth place of the league.

The Bruins took Tuesday off this week and pick things back up on Friday when they travel to Medford to play the Cascade Christian Challengers at 6 p.m. The Challengers are currently 2-2 sitting in fourth place in the league.

The Bruins also have a newly scheduled home game against St. Bernard’s, a California team, scheduled for this Saturday. The non-league game will start at 2:30 p.m.

Bruins girls basketball

Facing another familiar face, the Bruins went up against the South Umpqua Lancers Friday night for a 58-39 win after an early lead.

The Bruins ran up a big lead in the first quarter at 22 points to the Lancer’s eight. Sidney Alexander and Chloe McCrae shared the starting momentum with six points each. The second quarter saw the Lancers rack up another eight points, but the Bruins kept a sturdy lead by matching it with 11 of their own, thanks mostly to Lexi Schofield as she brought in nine points.

The second half began at 33-16 in the Bruins favor. The Lancers rallied and outscored the Bruins 13-7 in the third quarter, but the Bruins were still comfortably ahead at 40-29. The Bruins finished strong with a big 18 points to the Lancers 10 from a glut of three-pointers and free throws.

Lexi Schofield topped the score sheet for the Bruins at 22 points from four three-pointers, three two-pointers, and four free-throws. Next best was Chloe McCrae at 10 points from four two-point shots and a pair of free throws. Sidney Alexander was third with a pair of three-pointers, a two and a free-throw.

The Bruins remain undefeated in league play at 4-0, currently unchallenged as in first place. Behind them is a three-way tie for second between Sutherland, Cascade Christian and St Mary’s, all of which are at 2-2.

After taking Tuesday off from league play, the Bruins travel to Medford this Friday to take on the Challengers at 7:30 p.m. After that, they’ll begin rematches and transition into the second half of league play.

Panthers boys basketball

The Panthers played the Toledo Boomers Friday night, resulting in a 90-33 loss. The Panthers are now 0-4 in league play and 5-11 overall.

On Tuesday, the Panthers took on Myrtle Point at home. On Friday, they’ll host Reedsport for a rematch game at 5:30 p.m.

Panthers girls basketball

The Panthers played the Toledo Boomers on the road Friday night for a 67-31 loss. The Panthers are 0-4 this season an 2-14 overall.

The Panthers played Myrtle Point on Tuesday night and go on to host Reedsport for a rematch game at 7 p.m. on Friday.