By Mathew Brock

Pilot Sports Writer

The Bruins played a vigorous game against the St. Mary’s Crusaders Tuesday night, securing a 56-49 win in their third league game of the season.

After an early lead in the first half, the Bruins wrestled with the Crusaders throughout the second. They kept the momentum and managed to take things from a tie in the third to a clean win.

“We played good enough. The kids came out with a lot of energy and we did what we needed to do when we needed to do it,” said Bruins coach Buell Gonzales. “Eli (Mills) played well, Luke (Beaman) played well. We did good.”

The Bruins quickly secured the momentum in the first quarter as they jumped past the Crusaders early three-pointer. The Crusaders trailed close behind however as they transitioned into the second quarter at 9-6 in the Bruins favor. The second quarter saw the Bruins gain a steady lead early on, but the Crusaders dug in at the end to keep things at 26-18.

Things got close in the third quarter as the Crusaders rallied and evened the playing field. They outscored the Bruins 21 to 14, bringing things to a narrow 40-39 in the Bruins favor. The Crusaders nearly overtook the Bruins several times in the fourth quarter, but the home team managed to stay just ahead. Near the 3-minute mark, the Bruins established a healthy lead and took the win at 56-49.

Logan Holler was the top scorer of the night at 16 points with a glut of five two-point shots and six free throws. Luke Beaman and Brig Schofield tied for next best with 12 points each.

The win puts the Bruins at 2-1 in league play so far this season as they sit tied for second place with St. Mary’s just behind Sutherland in first. The Bruins are 8-6 overall this season and were last ranked No. 13 in the OSAA rankings.

The Bruins next game will be on the road when they head to South Umpqua on Friday to play the Lancers at 6 p.m.