Dominating league play undefeated and fighting to the quarter-finals of the 3A state championship, the Bruins girls soccer team had a powerful season this year under new head coach Kyla Siri.

The Bruins put the finishing touches on their season Wednesday night when they hosted their annual awards banquet at Brookings-Harbor High School. While the team ended their season on Nov. 3, they postponed their annual awards banquet until Wednesday as much of the team jumped into their winter season sports or away for the Thanksgiving break.

At the banquet, the Bruins players were presented with their league awards and team awards as they reminisced about the season and said goodbye to their senior players.

Siri began the banquet by thanking the parents and assistant coaching staff for their support this year.

“I really want to thank coach Garvin for stepping up and taking over the JV program when I moved to coach the varsity team.” Siri said. “I’ll be in practice coaching and turn around to just watch the JV practice and to admire their great work ethic. I truly believe if they stick with it it will pay off and our program will prosper as the years come on. The future of the program is with them.”

After the JV team was recognized, Junior Avana Pettus and sophomore Tilly Peters both said a few words and encouraged the rest of the team to say a few words as they looked forward to net season.

“When this season began we knew it’d be different than any other season and that we’d need to work very hard for it to be successful,” Peters said. “As the season progressed this team proved to be incredible. Everyone was a hard working athlete and when times got tough we knew we’d need each other the most.”

After the team members finished speaking, Siri congratulated the team on their academic success this year, with 19 out of the team’s 24 players maintaining a 3.0 or higher.

“It really shows their hard work and determination. I expect them to show the same thing next year,” Siri said. “I’m very proud they were able to keep up academically.”

Before announcing league awards, Siri presented the team awards that were voted on by the players.

“The great thing about this was that many of the girls had been voted for, showing that all the girls see something great about one another that they can each do,” Siri said. “Even when things in the season got difficult, they always look to each other and found how they could get through it together.”

Tilly Peterson was awarded the Most Improved Player award, while Mickey Fulton received Best Teammate. Finally, team Most Valuable Player was awarded to Anna Serna.

For league awards, Serna also received Most Valuable Player award for the league, as well as first team honors. Junior Avana Pettus and senior Mickey Fulton both earned first team honors alongside Serna. Annie Nation, the teams sophomore goalkeeper received second-team honors while senior Sandra Sullivan, Elena Morosky, sophomores Lexi Schofield, Tilly Peters, and freshman Faith Burton all received honorable mentions.

While Siri attempted to gloss over it, the Bruins made sure that everyone knew Siri received the Coach of the Year award from the Bruin’s new 3A league. This was Siri’s first year in a head coach position for Brookings, which saw her leading the team to an undefeated season in a new league. The Bruins had a 14-game winning streak before finally being defeated in the quarterfinals by Oregon Episcopal.

The night wrapped up with the Bruins saying goodbye to their senior team members and presenting them with photo collages of the season, as well as a few gifts. The senior team members decided they weren’t finished with the team yet however, and all hope to stay involved for the rest of the year and beyond.

The Bruins graduate Anna Serna, Elena Morosky, Mickey Fulton and Sandra Sullivan this year.