The Bruins began their season against some familiar faces on Friday when they took on a team of returning Brookings-Harbor High School Alumni for their first game of the season. After a casual game, the Alumni came out on top at 70-56.

“It was a great game, a lot of fun,” said Bruins coach Buell Gonzales. “It was great to have all these guys back and I’ve coached all of them too. Some of the older guys who play in 2008 were here. It cool see them back out there.”

The Alumni team had Justin Murray, Shaan Amin, Sean Colbert, David Freeman, Derek Hodge, Calvin Watwood, Dexter Vaughn, Stere Morris, Nick Terrish and Gabe Barneburg return to play on the Brookings court while being coached by Alec Darger.

The game started with the Alumni taking the lead in the first quarter at 21-14 and keeping ahead going into the second half at 42-31. The Alumni kept the momentum in the third quarter to take things to 59-40. The Bruins took back the tempo in the final quarter so score 16 points to the Alumni’s 11, but couldn’t close the gap and ended at 70-56 in the Alumni’s favor.

Austin Fronckowiak was the top scorer for the Bruins while Dexter Vaughn led for the Alumni with 18.

The Bruins went on to play Mazama over the weekend for a 61-51 loss. The team played again on Tuesday when they travelled to North Bend to play the Bulldogs. This Friday, the Bruins host North Valley for an endowment game at 7 p.m.