The Bruins made their 3A state playoff debut Wednesday when they took on the Lakeview Honkers for a 3-2 overtime victory, advancing the Bruins to the next round of playoffs.

“It was a fantastic game. Lakeview showed up from the get go and we settled a little bit, but once it was 2-2, we did a great job of locking things down mentally.” said Bruins coach Kyla Siri. “In the end the girls just had to believe it, and that’s the one thing the coach can’t do for them.”

The Bruins now advance to the quarterfinals where they’ll travel to Portland to take on the Oregon Episcopal Aardvarks today at 4:30 p.m.

Wednesday’s game saw the Bruins take the lead early into the first half with a goal by Anna Serna, but the Honkers managed a goal of their own before the first half drew to a close.

The Bruins grabbed the lead again mid-way into the half with a goal by Sandra Sullivan, but the Honkers managed to tie things up again with only a few minutes left on the clock to take things into overtime.

The first half of overtime saw the Bruins secure the lead once and for all with a goal by Avana Pettus, after which they wore down the rest of the game while staving off a few close shots from the Honkers. The game ended with the Bruins taking the hard fought win at 3-2.

The Bruins took a total of 17 shots on goal to the Honkers 12, with goalie Annie Nation making 10 total saves.

“We played a great game defensively. We got some fantastic goals and finished at the net,” Siri said. “We made some adjustments defensively by moving different people in, including some freshmen. They did their job. Everyone did their best and we communicated and made the adjustments we needed at half time.”

Siri says that the Bruins have been working on controlling the ball, especially after throw-ins. She also hopes she can help the girls find their rhythm sooner and home in on the adjustments the team needs to make sooner in the game.

“Oregon Episcopal has some really strong offensive attacks,” Siri said. “We’ll be looking to get some film on them and take things one day at a time before we take off Friday and really take it to them Saturday.”

The Bruins face the Oregon Episcopal Aardvarks today at 4:30 p.m. The Aardvarks

“We’ve got to be prepared and approach it as every player on their team being their best player,” Siri said.

The Bruins ended their regular season ranked No. 5 in the OSAA 3A/2A/1A rankings. The Bruins took first in in their league at an undefeated 10-0 and are currently on a 14-game winning streak.