The Bruins managed to sneak in one more soccer game before hitting the state playoffs this week by taking on the Marshfield Pirates again for a 4-0 victory in an endowment game on Thursday.

The Pirates are one of the Bruins longtime rivals from the Far West League but did not move down with them to the 3A level this year. The Bruins defeated the Pirates earlier this season at 2-0 on Aug. 28. The Pirates took second in their league while the Bruins took first this season.

With this win, the Bruins are now 14-1 this season with their ranking frozen at third place in the OSAA 3A/2A/1A rankings.

Thursday’s game saw the Bruins resting some of its players in order to keep them healthy for state, but also gave the Bruins an opportunity to play against a more competitive 4A team. The Bruins took an early lead and then ended the first half at 2-0 before doubling their points in the second and ending at 4-0.

While the Bruins maintained control for most of the game, the Pirates managed several shots at the goal against the Bruins and the two teams ended the game with a shootout, despite the Bruins taking a 4-0 victory. This gave the Bruins some much-needed practice both taking and blocking competitive shots on the goal.

“That was the best team we’ve seen all year,” Beaman said. “They were pushing us, taking shots and I expect the first team we face in playoffs will be just like that.”

Beaman said that the Bruins are usually able to keep firm control of the middle of the field, but against a team like the Pirates, they had to adapt and fall back as they put on the pressure. Beaman says that the team were able to work on their long ball and displayed great passing skills

Working on the team’s shootout skills was one of Beaman’s biggest goals for an endowment game in since the Bruins were knocked out of the semi-final round of playoffs last year.

“Last year that was how we lost a trip to a championship game,” Beaman said. “We blocked two and were able to put out some PK great shooters.”

From here, Beaman’s main focus will be keeping the Bruins healthy as they near their first round of the playoffs.

“We’ve been lucky all year with no injuries, but this last week and a half it seems we started to twist some ankles,” Beaman said.

The Bruins will host their first playoff game next week with the day, time and opponent assigned sometime this weekend. You can check for more details.

The best part will be our home field advantage,” Beaman said. “We’re likely going to play a team that’s six or seven hours away and might not be used to traveling. Being out here that’s one thing we have going for us, we’re always used to traveling.”