It has been a slow week for fishermen on the Wild Rivers Coast overall. With lots of wind and swells on the ocean keeping sportfishermen off the seas, salmon fishing has provided the most action for anglers throughout the week. Although there are still several options for targeting salmon, none of them have been exactly red hot this week.

River fishing

With rough conditions on the ocean throughout the week, anglers best bet has been to hit up some of the local rivers, which were all producing at least a few salmon this week.

Fishing to the far North and South in the Rouge Bay and the Klamath River respectively has slowed down in recent weeks, though anglers are still catching a few salmon here and there. Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing said the Rouge Bay is still having a few hot fishing days here and there, but has also been having some slow days throughout the week.

On the Klamath River, most of the salmon seem to be moving quickly through the system and have made their way up river. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife announced that the quota for the Upper Klamath River will be met, and fishing for adults will close at the end of the day on Sunday. The Lower Klamath River quota has already been met this season — leaving only jacks available to keep throughout the river starting on Monday.

The Chetco Estuary has provided perhaps the most productive salmon fishing in the area over the last week, though Martin said it has been a little bit hit-or-miss as well. Martin said his clients were able to haul in five salmon on Friday, however.

Anglers are also hauling in a few early salmon on the Smith River, which has been subject to a low flow closure since Oct. 1. Salmon can still be targeted from the banks at the Mouth of the Smith River, however, and salmon don’t seem to have moved too far up river anyway.

On the ocean

Fishing was good over the weekend for the first of two “Chetco Bubble Fishery” weekends in Southern Oregon. Anglers were especially productive on Sunday, the second day of the two-day opening, with most anglers catching their limit of one Chinook salmon measuring at least 28 inches.

Since then the wind picked up and swells have battered the coast for much of the week. Ocean conditions started to improve on Friday, however, and may be fishable once again this weekend.

That comes just in time for the second “Chetco Bubble Fishery,” which opens today and will close at the end of the day tomorrow in Southern Oregon.

Oregon anglers should be aware that crabbing is scheduled to close at the end of the day on Sunday. Sportcrabbing has been closed in California for several months already, but anglers can start to gear up for the start of the recreational season in California in early November.

Fishing contacts: Jim Mitchell of Gotcha Hooked Fish Trips at 464-8482; Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing at 206-388-8988; Chetco Outdoor Store at 541-469-9151; Englund Marine Supply Company at 464-32306.