The Bruins celebrated Pink Night on Tuesday during their volleyball game against the Douglas Trojans. They played a close game, but ultimately the Trojans took a 3-0 win. Pink Night is an event meant to help raise awareness and money to combat breast cancer.

“We really should have had them in the first set,” said Bruins coach Lorinda Shew. “We’ve had a problem this year that when we pull ahead we can’t push all the way through to take the set. We got a lot closer, but couldn’t close the door due to some costly mistakes.”

This marks the second loss against Douglas for the Bruins this year, with their first game also being a hard-fought 3-0 victory for Douglas. The Bruins are now 3-13 overall this season at rank 26 in the OSAA 3A rankings. In league, they’re currently 0-7 at seventh place in the Far West League.

The game started promising for the Bruins, who kept things close by taking a 15-11 lead. They followed up by breaking away from the Trojans completely and scoring all the way up to 19-11. The Bruisn couldn’t hold on to the momentum however, and the Trojans quickly closed the gap, bringing things close to a 22-22 tie. In the end the Trojans barely broke away to win the first set at 26-24.

The second set saw the Bruins slow down, but still keep things close up until the 10-10 mark. From there the Trojans gained the advantage again and broke away at 20-15. The wrapped up the second set at 25-17.

The final set saw the Trojans gain an early lead by taking things up to 10-5. They kept a five-point lead for most of the set and finally took the game at 25-16 for a 3-0 victory.

Gracie Harms and Destiny Lopez led the Bruins in serving Thursday night with one ace each. Sanoe Fanene took most hits with seven kills, followed by Mayce McCollum close behind with six kills. McCollum also led the team in serves at 12, while Sierra Fitzhugh made the teams sole block.

Shew says that the Bruins saw some improvement hitting, but still aren’t quite where they need to be. She said the team also had some good rallies, but that the time is having a hard time finding a consistent rhythm during competitive play.

“It’s hard to get them to understand just how close they are. They just need to push a little bit harder and we’ll be right there,” Shew said.

The Bruins host St. Mary’s on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. Shew feels good about their chances against the new league opponent, who they managed to steal a set from when they played earlier in the season for a 3-1 loss. It will also be the Bruin’s senior night, which Shew hopes will give the girls the extra boost they need to play a good game.

“I was confident we could win tonight and I still think we can take St. Mary’s on Thursday. I’m mostly glad we had so many people come out for pink night. This really is a great community that gives us a lot of support,” Shew said.