The Bruins traveled to Winston to take on the Douglas Trojans Friday night and pulled a narrow 19-18 victory in the last quarter of the game with the leading point earned off an extra point kick. This puts the Bruins on a 2-0 league winning streak, the first for the Bruins since 2004.

“It was an armburner, a real armburner,” said Bruins coach Shaun Bavaro. “There were times we just didn’t play very well and we made some mistakes, but our deal is that we’re always working to get better.”

The Bruins are 5-1 overall this season at 8th place in the OSAA 4A rankings. Their 2-0 streak nomakes the Bruins a contender for first in the Far West League. The Bruins currently have 123 points scored overall this season an 86 allowed.

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The Bruins gave up the first touch down to the Trojans in the first quarter, but denied them an extra point and neither team managed to score the rest of the half. The Bruins soon tied things up in the third quarter, but the Trojans quickly closed the gap and took back the lead as they transitioned into the final quarter and the game wore down. With time running out, the Bruins managed one more touchdown before securing the win with an extra point kick, the only extra point play scored all game.

The Bruins also managed four interceptions and two fumbles Friday night for a total of six forced turnovers against Douglas.

The win was hard fought, but overall highlighted some of the Bruins weaker aspects. According to Bavaro, the Bruins still managed to keep things together under the pressure and pull out the win. The Bruins continued to improve on minimizing their penalties, but a harsh referee staff kept both teams on their toes.

“We just weren’t making our reads and shooting ourselves in the foot too much,” Bavaro said. They were sneakin up and getting around our corners, but we found an opportunity to brace ourselves and win in the end.”

Bavaro plans to keep drilling the team with with the fundamentals in practice to help keep them focused on their roles during games.

“We’re always getting better, but there’s just so much to work on,” Bavaro said. “Luckily, these kids are relentless and want to win.

The Trojans are one of the Bruins longtime rivals who moved with them to the level this year, along with South Umpqua. The Bruins face their first new opponent later this week when they take on the St. Mary’s Crusaders.

Friday will be Homecoming for the Bruins and they’ll face the Crusaders for the first time ever at 7 p.m.. So far, the Crusaders are looking to be one of the tougher teams in the league and an unknown element for the Bruins, but Bavaro is optimistic about.“We take each game one at a time. With our win against Douglas its good start for our homecoming schedule,” Bavaro said.

The following week the Bruins will take on another familiar face, South Umpqua, during their senior night celebration.