It has been a steady, if unspectacular, week of fishing on the Wild Rivers Coast. Although the area finally got some of the first rain in quite some time, anglers will likely need to wait for a little bit wetter storms before the salmon runs really start to kick off on the Smith and Chetco rivers.

Up in Oregon, anglers are kicking off a of a bonus two-day ocean salmon fishing season commonly referred to as “The Chetco Bubble Fishery,” today. Anglers will be allowed to target salmon within three miles of shore through the end of the day Sunday.

On the ocean

When fishing is slow anglers can almost always turn to bottomfishing for a steady bite and targeting rockfish and lingcod out of Brookings and Crescent City has been the most consistent bet for anglers this week.

While bottomfishing is the only option for California sportfishermen, Oregon anglers are still allowed to target Pacific halibut, and have reportedly hauled in a few more throughout the week.

Although the salmon season closed in Oregon in September, the annual “Chetco River Fall Chinook State Waters Terminal Area Season” or “The Chetco Bubble Fishery” kicks off today.

Fishermen are allowed to start targeting salmon within three miles of shore starting today, and may continue to do so through the end of the day Sunday in Oregon.

River fishing

The Klamath River is still producing lots of jacks, and the Rouge Bay still has some salmon in it, although the run up river has already begun.

Although the salmon fishing to the north and to the south has already peaked for the season, the Smith and Chetco salmon runs are just getting started.

Anglers have been catching fish in the Chetco Estuary and at the Mouth of the Smith River for about three weeks now. Although the bite doesn’t seem to have picked up much over the past week, it has remained steady.

Although the rain late in the week may help bring a few more fish into the rivers, it will likely take a little bit larger rain storm to really kick off the fall salmon runs.

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