The Bruins wrapped up the first half of league play against the Douglas Trojans on Tuesday by taking another 6-0 shutout win. The Trojans put up a strong defensive effort but were gradually worn down by the Bruins.

“This was a good, challenging team for us and they don’t get scored on much,” Bruins coach Jess Beaman said. “He’s a good coach and when he can direct his team where he wants them he can stop us. We were hanging on the ball too long, but right before the end of the half we got those quick touches with multiple people touching it and letting us get back out to get a good shot off.”

Having now faced each league opponent once this season, the Bruins stand undefeated at 5-0 in first place of the OSAA Special District 4. At 7-1 overall, the Bruins are now ranked No. 3 in the OSAA 3A/2A/1A rankings.

The game opened as a stalemate with neither team managing to score until the final 3 minutes of the first half when the Bruins hit the Trojans with some quick plays that resulted in two goals. The Trojans played a strong defense, but were worn down as the game drew on. The Bruins kept them on the defensive, with the Trojans only finding space to make a single shot at the goal all game.

The second half started at 2-0 in the Bruins favor. They scored two more times before the 20-minute mark to take things to a solid 4-0 and began cycling in younger players as the Trojans fell further behind. The Bruins found the back of the net two more times before wrapping things up at an uncontested 6-0.

Fabian Villa and Jair Valdovinos led the Bruins in goals this time at two each. Roman Worthey and Luke Beaman brought in a goal as well.

The Bruins grew frustrated at times against the Trojan’s solid defense and were forced to adapt their strategy as the game wore on. Coach Beaman saw this as a good learning experience for the team after so many uncontested wins this season.

“They surprised our kids a little bit and I think that was good. Our kids thought they were come out and maybe roll over them but Douglas came out and played great. We really needed that,” Beaman said.

One advantage the Bruins have had this season is their ability to cycle in many of their younger players after gaining strong leads.

“We’ve been getting our younger guys in a lot and they’ve been doing well,” Beaman said. “We have a lot of seniors who will be graduating next year so they’ll be moving up, but I think they’ll be ready. Our up and coming kids are really good.”

The Bruins begin rematches games next week when they host the Coquille/Myrtle Point Red Devils on Tuesday at 5 p.m.

“They look like they’ve been getting better. The first time we played them the coach said it was one of the first time all 11 members played together, ” Beaman said. It looks like they’ve been putting in time and getting better so hopefully they come down and give us a good run for out money.”