The Bruins came out in force for their first home game of the season against the Umpqua Valley Christian/Melrose Christian Lions, who they defeated at a wide 7-0 yesterday in their second league game.

The Bruins also faced Mazama last Saturday in their final non-league game of the season, where they took a close 2-1 loss. This puts the Bruins at 3-1 overall so far this season at 2-0 in league play at the top of the 3A/2A/1A Special District 4. They also currently lead the league in goals scored at 23.

“This was one of our new league opponents and they’re looking to be someone who will take the place of one of those other teams we lost like Marshfield,” Beaman said. “They started strong at the start of the game, but like most teams we wore them down with our style. When we go to their house it’s gonna be a very good game.”

After taking an early point within the first five minutes of Tuesday’s game, the Bruins maintained possession of the ball for most of the first half. Heavy wind thwarted some of their drives, but the Bruins scored a second point before transitioning into the second half.

The Bruins truly broke away early in the second half as they scored up to 5-0 before the 20-minute mark. From there they had a much easier time driving with the wind and sun at their backs and scored two more points to end at an uncontested 7-0.

Cascade Christian is one of the new teams the Bruins will be going up against for the next few years after their move from the 4A to 3A division.

“It was a good game. They were fast, started off very challenging keeping us at 2-0 for the first half while the wind was in our face, which was little bit of a factor against us,” Bruins coach Jess Beaman said. “I kept trying to tell them to play it on the ground and we play it that way most of the time, but I like to be able to switch to pitch on the other side and that’s what they were trying to do.”

The Bruins maintained possession for most of the game with their strong defensive line giving almost no opportunities for the Lions to score. Austin Fronckowiak and Jacob Norman of the Bruins were able to lock down their side of the field and keep the Lions’ key players in check, according Beaman.

“I got to give it to my defense. They were very strong and so much so that its hard for my offensive guys to play against them in practice,” Beaman said.

The Bruins travel on Friday to play Sutherlin at 1:30 p.m. for their third league game. After that they return home to play South Umpqua on Tuesday at 5 p.m.

“We haven’t seen Sutherlin in four years when they used to be in our league,” Beaman said. “I know they have a JV program so they’re hopefully an up and coming program, but like Cascade Christian there one of the few teams I don’t have a lot of info on.”