Bruins football

After taking a solid 26-6 win in their first game of the season against Gold Beach last Saturday, the Bruins football team will be heading to Crescent City to face the Del Norte Warriors this Friday at 7:30 p.m. for a non-league game.

The 3A Bruins played down a division level when they faced the 2A Panthers, but with Del Norte’s student population of 900, the Warriors are the equivalent of a 5A school under the OSAA ranking guidelines.

“They’re gonna be good. They’ve got a lot of kids who come out and a lot of talent. Coach Nova does a good job down there and has a great program,” said Bruins coach Shaun Bavaro. “We also want to be one of those great programs and part of that is going up against bigger teams.”

The predominantly young Bruins are still fairly inexperienced, showcased in the glut of foul calls they experienced during Friday’s game. Bavaro hopes to buckle down and work on the basics this week to help the Bruins overhauled program get through some of its early-season growing pains.

“We’ve got huge room for improvement across the board,” Bavaro said. “We’re so young and most of our mistakes were purely knowledge based, not knowing the game so well. We’ve just got to get the kids into game situations so they can learn it and create more teachable moments for us.”

Bruins boys soccer

The Bruins boys soccer team took a solid 2-0 win against former league rivals Marshfield last Tuesday and spent the following week preparing for their first league game against the Coquille/Myrtle Point Red Devils. The Bruins travel to Coquille to play the Red Devils on Thursday at 5 p.m.

Bruins girls soccer

Coming off of a 7-0 win against Illinois Valley last week, the Bruins girls soccer team returns to host former league rivals the Marshfield Pirates today at 5 p.m. The Bruins are currently 2-0 this season at rank No. 10 in the OSAA 3A/2A/1A rankings.

Bruins track and field

The Bruins track and field team start their season this Saturday with the the Brookings-Harbor Invitational. The meet will hold four 5,000-meter races for the boys and girls varsity and junior varsity teams. Invited schools include Cascade Christian, Coquille, Fortuna, Gold Beach, Myrtle Point, North Medford, Pacific and Phoenix.

The first event will be the girl’s varsity 5,000-meter starting 11 a.m. All races will start at Brookings-High School, head up through the bark trails of Azalea park and then end back at the school.

According to Bruins coach Terry Axel, the Bruins are looking forward to hosting their first meet of the year and it will be a great opportunity to get acquainted with their newest opponents and scope out the competition, particularly Cascade Christian.

“We’ve got some big schools coming, so it’ll be a good test to see how the teams run,” Axel said.

Panthers football

Following their 26-6 loss against the Bruins on Friday, the Panthers football team will pick things back up on Friday against the Illinois Valley Cougars at 7 p.m. The Cougars were moved down to the 2A level this year, but still look to be a close matchup for the Panthers.

Panthers coach Kevin Swift stated the team would be focusing on getting more experience and working on fundamentals this week in their ongoing effort to build the team back up after losing 14 seniors last year.

Panthers volleyball

The Panthers volleyball team began their season last Thursday against the Umpqua Valley Christian/Melrose Christian Lions for a 3-0 set loss and then traveled to Del Norte on Tuesday to play the Warriors. The Panthers go on to host the Waldport Irish 6:30 p.m. Thursday.