Some 55 kids from 3rd-12th grade hit the Brookings-Harbor High School football field for the Bruins Brother summer youth football camp this week, doing drills, working out and scrimmaging over the course of four days.

The camp was led by Bruins coach Shaun Bavaro, who will be taking the reins as head coach for the Bruins this year. Bavaro hopes to revitalize the local football programs and work to establish interest for kids early on by having them learn from the older teams during the summer.

“I grew up here, I was born here and I played in the great program we had back then,” Bavaro said. “When I left there were two teams at each level and I’m hoping to get back to that. There was a full seventh and eighth grade team and a full varsity and junior varsity team as well. I’ve got two young boys myself and have a youth group lined up for next year already.”

The camp started Monday and ran until Thursday night, with the kids meeting each evening from 6:30-7:30 to practice. Around 25 of the attendees were third to eighth grade kids who were mentored on the basics of football throughout the duration of the camp by the high school team and coaches.

On the final day of camp, all attending kids were given T-shirts to commemorate the event. Before breaking to go home the final time, Bavaro asked the kids to wear the shirts every game day to support the team, who would be wearing their jerseys every gameday.

“I hope to see all of you out every Friday with these shirts on to show your support for the team,” Bavaro said while addressing the kids. “You’ve got these shirts that no one else in the whole town is gonna have because you came out.

The Bruins high school football team begin their first mandatory practices Monday and their season will kick off Aug. 31 at Gold Beach.