There have been lots of fish hauled in on the Southern Oregon and Northern California coasts throughout the last week, with bottomfishing still providing the most consistent bite on both sides of the border.

Some sportfishermen have also had luck targeting bigger fish this week, but both the salmon and Pacific halibut bites have been a little more hit or miss than the always-steady rockfish and lingcod bite. Anglers are reporting that the salmon fishing in the Rogue Bay has slowed down some this week. The Klamath River is also still producing salmon, but it has been a little bit hit-or-miss depending on the day. Meanwhile, salmon are also being caught out of both Brookings and Crescent City with various degrees of success.

Pacific halibut fishing has remained fair out of Brookings, with a few hauled in each week. Sportfishermen in Crescent City were able to get back out in search of Pacific halibut when the season reopened on Wednesday and although the bite hasn’t been red hot anglers are reporting that there are still fish out there.

On the ocean

Bottomfish are still plentiful, and fairly easy to come by out of both Brookings and Crescent City. Anglers are reporting catching limits of black snappers fairly regularly, while also hauling in some various other varieties of rockfish and some nice lingcod to help fill out their daily bag limit.

Anglers in search of salmon had a strong few days early in the week out of Brookings, though the Chinook seem to have moved out a little bit farther from shore than they have been in recent weeks, moving from about 100 feet of water out to about 200 to 260 feet.

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In California anglers are also catching salmon, though it has been hard to pinpoint where they are at. Capt. Keith Richcreek of Pacific West Coast Ocean Fishing Guide Service said he caught a salmon on Wednesday in about 200 feet of water, but he has heard of others being caught in completely different areas.

“I think there are a few fish around, its just that they haven’t schooled up — they are everywhere,” Richcreek said. “They are catching them off the jetty, they are catching them off South Beach, they are catching them out deep and they are catching them in shallow. It has been a weird year.”

In California, anglers had fairly good weather when the Pacific halibut season reopened on Wednesday and anglers have been catching a few here and there ever since. The Pacific halibut season has remained open in Oregon, and sportfishermen there seem to be hauling in a few every week, especially when the weather cooperates.

River fishing

Fishing has slowed some on local rivers this week, though there are still salmon to be had.

Up in the Rogue Bay anglers are reporting that the salmon bite has slowed considerably after a few weeks of strong fishing in the area, though there are still a few salmon being caught — about one fish for every two rods.

Anglers have also continued to haul salmon out of the Lower Klamath River throughout the week, though Kenton Bansemer of Gold River Fishing Guides said the bite has been a little bit hit-or-miss depending on the day.

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