It has been another strong week for salmon fishing all along the Wild Rivers Coast, with anglers still catching kings in the Rogue Bay to the north, and the Lower Klamath River to the south. Sportfishermen have also been catching a few salmon out of both Brookings and Crescent City as well, though the ocean bite has been a little more hit or miss.

Meanwhile, bottomfishing remains consistently strong on both sides of the border.

River fishing

The Klamath River has been doing well, especially through the middle of the week. Mike Coopman, of Mike Coopman’s Fishing Guide Service said salmon fishermen did particularly well on Tuesday and Wednesday. Although fishing slowed a little on Thursday and Friday, Coopman said the salmon that were hauled in were fairly good sized.

Coopman said most of the catches throughout the week has remained in the estuary, though that could change soon. Coopman said the water temperature in the estuary has started to drop recently, which may spur the salmon to head upsteam at any time.

Sportfishermen in the Rogue Bay have also been having a pretty good week, with an average of roughly one salmon per rod, per day. Andy Martin said the wind has died down a little up in the Bay, making fishing a little bit easier than it was last week. Many of the salmon caught have been fairly good sized in the Rogue as well, coming in at around 20 pounds.

On the ocean

Though there are some salmon being brought in out of the ocean on both sides of the border, the most productive fishing seems to be for bottomfish with limits of rockfish, and with some near-limits of lingcod thrown adding to the haul.

The salmon bite seems to have picked up a little bit this week on both sides of the border, though the fishing has been much more hit-or-miss than their counterparts on the river.

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In Brookings anglers report salmon seem to be moving in close, with catches in about 100 feet of water. Meanwhile, commercial fishermen are still catching salmon in much deeper water. In Crescent City most sportfishermen have been finding salmon about three to four miles out, though Jim Mitchell said he has heard of some caught in as little as 30 feet of water.

In Brookings, there have also been reports of Pacific halibut being caught by anglers targeting the big fish. Pacific halibut in California is currently closed, but it is scheduled to reopen on Wednesday.

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