DeWayne Gibson and Dustin Powell from Portland finished the latter half of the Oregon Coast Trail on Friday after starting their 205-mile journey in Newport and ending at Crissey Field.

According to Steve Webster at the Crissey Field welcome center, the duo are the fifth group he’s seen complete the trail this summer. While not every group stops by the welcome center, Webster estimates around 15 people a year complete the 382-mile trail every summer

Gibson said highlights of their trip was the scenic beaches of the Three Mile Lake area outside Reedsport and the bluff overlooking the Boardman Scenic Corridor, where they found a wrecked sailboat on the beach.

“I really like Curry County. From Port Orford all the way down,” Gibson said. “People are much friendlier around here. Though we met a lady out on one of the trails who stopped and asked if we were hikers or just homeless.”

Gibson has now completed the entire Oregon Coast Trail after hiking the north coast half last summer, while Powell hopes to finish the upper half at a later time. Powell completed the Pacific Crest Trail from Washington to Southern California and hopes to make his next hiking trip somewhere tropical.

“I completed the PCT last year and a large part of that was walking through Oregon,” Powell said. “It made me consider moving out of the big city into different parts of state to see all the different beautiful places.

The Oregon Coast Trail has 10 sections that run from Portland area near the Washington border all the way down to Crissey Field, which is just before the California border. Many stops, including Crissey Field, are sponsored by Travel Oregon. You can learn more about the trail at