High winds have, at times made, ocean fishing difficult on the Wild Rivers Coast over the last couple weeks, but when conditions are favorable anglers have been catching lots of ocean salmon on both sides of the California-Oregon Border.

Meanwhile, Pacific halibut fishing closed in California at the end of the day last Friday, but the big fish are still in season out of Oregon. Like the salmon, Pacific halibut fishing is contingent on the weather but Oregon sportfishermen had significant luck hauling in halibut early in the week.

As always, bottomfish have remained plentiful on both sides of the border whenever conditions allow for fishing.

On the ocean

By the end of the week the winds that plagued the Wild Rivers Coast last week were back, but sportfishermen from Oregon and California had a few days early in the week to target their fish of choice.

This time of year, one of the most popular fish in season is the Chinook salmon. Capt. Keith Richcreek of Pacific West Coast Ocean Fishing Guide Service said this was his most productive week of salmon fishing so far this season, when he hauled in eight king salmon on Wednesday and three more after going back on Thursday.

Richcreek said he and his guests had to fight through a lot of choho salmon and small king salmon to get their eight fish on Wednesday.

“But it was well worth it,” Richcreek said.

While Richcreek said he had the most luck fishing in about 200 feet of water, roughly 6 or 7 miles off shore.

Up in Brookings anglers are also catching salmon, and they don’t have to travel quite so far to do it. Anglers are having luck right in Salmon Ally as lots of Chinook move in towards the Chetco Estuary.

Although Pacific halibut fishing is closed through the end of the month in California, Oregon anglers had great luck targeting them early in the week. At least one 70 pound halibut, and a few 50 pounders were weighted in at the harbor on Monday.

River fishing

Fishing on local rivers is still slow, though there are some salmon available in both the Rogue and the Klamath rivers. Up on the Rogue fishing pressure has been fairly low, but the anglers that are out there are having some luck targeting salmon. The summer salmon run on the Klamath River is also underway.

Fishing contacts: Dave Castellanos of Brookings River & Ocean Fishing at 541-698-7029; Keith Richcreek of Pacific West Coast Ocean Fishing Guide Service at 218-5573; Jim Mitchell of Gotcha Hooked Fish Trips at 464-8482; Chetco Outdoor Store at 541-469-9151; Englund Marine Supply Company at 464-32306.

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