June has been a busy month at Salmon Run, with an influx of out-of-town golfers hitting the course in a steady flow.

Sunday was surprisingly slow for golf when compared to the usual Father’s Day turnout, but the course held two wedding celebrations over the weekend to keep things busy.

Salmon Run hosted the second half of it’s Home and Home events against Bandon Crossing on Wednesday, taking a win after their 8-2 loss the prior week when they visited the rival course.

Salmon Run’s Black/Tan challenge began last week, but interested golfers will still be allowed to drop into the competition anytime during the next 10 weeks. Late entries will forfeit the missed weeks of play however.

Darrell Nelson from Freeman Rock scored a hole-in-one while playing on Sunday. According to Val Early of Early Management team, the course usually only sees between three and six hole-in-one shots over the summer season at the most. Nelson scored the hit using a brand new club he had never played with before.


The weather has been mild and overcast over the past few days making things uncharisterically cool in the area for this time of the year. While Sunday was sweltering close to 90 degrees out on the course, Early says the following few days of cloudy weather granted a much needed reprieve to both local golfers and groundskeepers.

This week

The women’s team at Salmon Run will be hosting a visitation event 10 p.m. Thursday, inviting teams from courses across Oregon and Northern California. Teams from Beau Pre and Redwood Country Club have signed up to attend with plenty of space for more teams.

Salmon Run’s youth camp starts its first session Monday for kids up to 18 years old. The camp includes five sessions and costs $50. Scholarships for the camp are also available. To sign up or get more information, call the Salmon Run clubhouse.

Business league standings:

1. Brookings PD

2. Coos Curry Electric

3. TIE: Vista Pub and Freeman Rock

5. Musser Olsen Accounting

6. Edward Jones

7. Rivers End Construction

8. Asana Grille

9. ReMax

10. Backstreet Bar

Golf Contacts: Val and Gary Early of Early Management team at Salmon Run Golf Course, at 541-469-4888.

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