By Mathew Brock

Pilot Sports Writer

With news last week that the Del Norte Golf Course will be closing July 1, Salmon Run has stepped up to help fill the void by picking the Del Norte Football Booster fundraising tournament on July 14.

The Salmon Run team competed in the Home and Home tournament with Bandon Crossing June 6 and ended up with two wins to six loses after entering eight groups in the event. The Bandon teams will now head to Salmon Run later today for the second half of competition.


Salmon Run experienced several irrigation breaks last week, but thanks to the rainy weather over the weekend the greens are still in good shape and the system is now fully repaired.

“It was sort of a warm, light rain, which is great for the course because it gets soaked into the ground and can be even better for the greens than our regular irrigating,” said Val Early, of Salmon Run.

This week’s forecast is cool and cloudy yet dry, making for good conditions until Monday when things should brighten up and stay clear for the rest of the month, according to Early. Several new fawns were also born on the course this week and are now roaming the greens and bushes of the course with their mothers.

This week

The 10-week Black/Tan Tee Challenge for men and women starts June 14, which has players play fives on the front and five weeks on the back half of the course with each player submitting their score for the week for each hole. At the end of the 10 weeks, the player’s best score on each hole will be their final score. Signups are also underway for the the Aug. 9-10 Ladies Silver Salmon Invitational tournament.

Golfers who bring their father to Salmon run this Father’s Day will also have his green fee free, though cart rental rates still apply.

Golf Contacts: Val and Gary Early of Early Management team at Salmon Run Golf Course, at 541-469-4888.

Business league standings:

1. Brookings PD

2. Vista Pub

3. Coos Curry Electric

4 TIE: Rivers End Construction & Freeman Rock

6. TIE: Edward Jones & Musser Olsen Accounting

8. Asana Grille

9. ReMax

10. Backstreet Bar