The Azalea Festival brought a wave of new customers to Salmon Run golf course this weekend, with one visiting camper playing 36 holes of golf during his visit to Brookings.

With the weather warm and mild and the wind low, conditions made for some good play on the course.

Last week, Lori Cooper’s eighth grade lifetime health and fitness class from Azalea Middle School stopped by the course to learn basic golf skills from the Brooking-Harbor High School golf team. There were 14 kids who visited and, according to Val Early of Salmon Run, around five expressed interest in joining the golf team when they move up to high school next year.

Gary Early, who coaches the Bruins golf team, is hoping they can bring in at least two more players so the girls can play with a full squad of four next year.

The Brooking’s business league started play yesterday, composed of Freeman Rock, Brookings Construction, Remax, Coos Curry Electric, Vista Pub, Brookings Police Department, Edward Jones, Asana Grill and other teams made from or sponsored by local businesses. Results from the first matches should be available later today.

The forecast this week is mostly sunny with a few cloudy days and low wind, making for good golf weather all week. According to Val Erly, the weather’s been pretty mild for the coast and despite windy conditions closer to town the course has been rather calm.

“Conditions on the course are excellent right now and we’ve had at least three baby fawns born near the course, at least that I’ve seen,” she said.

Brookings Harbor Educational Foundation will be having a fundraiser tournament this Saturday starting at 10 a.m. Signups end Thursday and are $80 per person or $295 per 4-person team. It includes greens fee, cart rental, dinner, prizes and refreshments.

Golf Contacts: Val and Gary Early of Early Management team at Salmon Run Golf Course, at 541-469-4888.

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