Bruins baseball

After taking a 8-4 loss against the South Umpqua Lancers on May 1, the Bruins came back last Friday to take two wins against the Lancers in their rematch double-header. The first game was a close 4-3 victory, followed by a wide open 12-3 rout in the second.

The Bruins then traveled to play their final scheduled opponent of the year, the Marshfield Pirates, on Monday, where they took a solid 14-4 win to secure their place in the top three of the Far West League with a 8-5 record. At 15-8 overall, the Bruins are rank No. 18 in the OSAA 4A rankings.

The Bruins took an early lead by scoring three runs in the first inning to the Pirates two. An uneventful second had the bruins leading 3-2 going into the third. The third inning saw the Bruins widen their lead slightly with two runs to the Pirates one, leading into an uneventful fourth inning at 5-3.

Both the fifth and sixth inning saw the Bruins gain an uncontested run to maintain a solid lead going into the seventh inning at 7-3. The seventh had the Bruins assert their dominance by doubling their points with a whopping seven runs to the Pirates single. This catapulted the Bruins far ahead to end the game at a wide 14-4.

This win secures the Bruins into the third place spot in the Far West League, virtually guaranteeing them a place in the playoffs.

The Bruins play their final two games against Marshfield at home this Fridays at 3 p.m., where they’ll also be having their Senior Night celebration and barbecue.

Bruins softball

South Umpqua proved another tough matchup for the Bruins, as they went 0-3 in their games against the Lancers last week, culminating in a 13-0 and 11-1 loss in their double-header last Friday.

The Bruins fought hard against the Marshfield Pirates on Monday, but a close game resulted in a 10-8 loss. The Pirates proved to be the Bruins closest matchup this year, with the game coming down to the line in the final inning. At 4-9, the Bruins sit tied for fourth place with Siuslaw, unable to catch up to the third place Marshfield. At 5-16 overall, the Bruins are rank No. 33 in the OSAA 4A rankings.

The game started with both teams evenly matched, both getting shut down completely in the first two innings. Things ramped up in the third inning, with the Pirates scoring a whopping five runs to the Bruins one, taking the game from a stalemate to a grim 5-1 split.

The next inning proved to be crucial for the Bruins, who rallied to score a huge unmatched seven runs to take things into the fourth at 8-5. From there the game was a constant struggle, with the Bruins loading up the bases in the sixth and seventh innings, but falling just short of any major gains. Meanwhile, the Pirates nearly tied things up in the sixth with two runs, leaving the bruins only slightly ahead at 8-7 going into the final inning.

A dropped ball at home plate let the Pirates score two crucial runs midway through the seventh inning, with the Bruins giving up another before going up to bat for the final time, but being totally shut down by the Pirates to end at 10-8.

“We had it and we lost it. It slipped right through our fingers,” said Bruins Coach Kelly Garvin. “We walked two hitters at the start and then made some crucial errors on the field and that just can’t happen.”

Had the Bruins won all three of their games against Marshfield, they would have had a shot at the league finals, but with the first of three down their season is destined to end when they travel this Friday for their double-header rematch against Marshfield starting at 3 p.m.

The Bruin’s scheduled game against Cascade Christin on May. 16 has been canceled.

Bruins golf

The Bruins headed to the Regional 4A Boys and All Girls tournament in Klamath Falls on Monday and Tuesday to fight for a spot in the state tournament. If they make it into the top three, they’ll travel to Redmond for the boys state tournament or Banks for the girls on May 14-15.

Panthers baseball

After taking a week off to practice, the Panthers traveled to face off against the Reedsport Braves in their rematch on Tuesday and travel again this Friday to play the Waldport Irish on Friday at 4:30 p.m.

Panthers softball

After canceling their non-league game against the Illinois Valley Cougars, the Panthers traveled to play the Reedsport Braves again on Tuesday and travel again this Friday to play the Waldport Irish on Friday at 4:30 p.m.