Not much has changed this week for anglers fishing the Wild Rivers Coast. Oregon bottom fishermen are still hauling in lots of rockfish and lingcod when conditions cooperate, a few spring salmon are being hooked on the Rogue River, and anglers on both sides of the border are catching limits of red tail surf perch.

Although all of those options will remain on the table through the weekend, many fishermen are starting to gear up for seasons scheduled to start next week. Starting on Tuesday, California anglers will be allowed to start bottom fishing on the same day that the Pacific halibut season opens on both sides of the border.

On the ocean

It has been another good week of fishing for red tail surf perch on beaches on either side of the border this week.

“We caught out limits (on Friday) and shoot — were were limited out in about an hour, or an hour and a half,” said Jim Mitchell of Gotcha Hooked Fish Trips. “The best way to do that is to go out there during low tide so you can see where the holes are. Then you look for where the waves are crashing into each other — riptides — because the turbulence stirs up food for them.”

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Up in Oregon, anglers also have the option of bottom fishing by boat, which has remained fairly productive again this week whenever conditions allow.

A few sportfishermen in Oregon have also reported catching a few incidental salmon this week while bottom fishing. That bodes well for the start of the ocean salmon season, scheduled to kick off in Brookings on May 19 and remain open through Aug. 26.

California sportfishermen will have to wait until June 1 to start targeting salmon, and the season will run through Sept. 3.

Although bottom fishing is still off limits south of the Oregon border, California fishermen will be able to get back out in search of rockfish and lingcod starting on Tuesday.

In 2018, anglers daily bag limit for rockfish is still 10 fish, with a sub-bag limit of three black rockfish per day and two canary rockfish per day. Bottom fishermen are not allowed to retain yelloweye rockfish, bronzespotted rockfish or cowcod.

The daily bag limit for lingcod in California will be two, with a minimum size limit of 22 inches.

Halibut fishing on both sides of the border will officially open up on Tuesday as well. In Oregon the season will remain open, but the halibut season in California has a few periodic closures built into the season. Pacific halibut fishing in California will be allowed from May 1 to June 15, from July 1-15, from Aug. 1-15 and from September 1-Oct. 31 or until the area’s quota is met.

River fishing

Fishing on local rivers is still largely between seasons, but the spring salmon run is still producing a few fish per day, though anglers are having to work for every catch.

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