By Mathew Brock

Pilot Sports Writer

The Bruins golf team headed out to Eagle Point Golf Course on Wednesday for a tournament where rough weather drove several of their opponents to quit the field early. The Bruins took fifth overall after refusing to quit, however the cold rain affected their performance.

Cameron Kime came in with the lowest score for the Bruins at 98, followed by Bret Darger at 106, Zack Walker at 114, Luke Beaman at 115 and Nathaniel Barnhart at 122. While most of the Bruins were thrown off their game by the weather, Kime saw some improvement by keeping his score under 100 despite rough conditions.

Coach Gary Early said the tournament was a valuable learning experience overall for the team in order to get them practice in rough conditions. He credits the team for sticking it out even when other players began to withdraw from the field.

After playing an impromptu match against Del Norte last weekend and going right into an unscheduled tournament at Central Point on Monday, the Bruins will take a week long break to regroup before scheduling a match at Rogue River.

Early hopes to shore up the Bruins fundamental skills and work on the team maintaining more consistent scoring before their next match.