By Boyd C. Allen

Pilot Staff Writer

According to their website, the Rogue River Rampage billed itself as a fun race for the adventure runner or walker looking for a great time. And, although they promised mud, the lack of rain recently dried conditions and created a faster, cleaner event.

The Gustafsons made the rampage a family affair last Saturday with Soren, and Eamon Gustafson and their sister Brede Gaston placing first, third and fourth respectively.

Hap Flynn broke the family up with his second place finish, although Eamon Gustafson was holding onto second until nearly the end.

The family’s control of the event is even more impressive because Soren, Eamon and Brede are all in eighth grade and were running against adults.

Hanna Leonard rolled in seventh in the women’s division even after the log jump grabbed her right foot and sent her spilling into the woods.

The Rogue River Rampage provided local runners with a trail event in beautiful sunshine.

The four-mile course snaked through the woods and along and through parts of the river before looping up to the road and back to the finish. Obstacles included running through the stream, climbing over hay bales, racing through tires, weaving around logs and jumping over some larger logs.

Except for running through the stream twice, most runners stayed clean and dry, and some found that troublesome.

Several runners requested more mud and more obstacles for next year.

April Smith said finishing was the best part, but noted it was a beautiful run.

The only bad thing was the tree roots, according to Ryan Brinkerhoff. Several runners went down after tripping on hidden roots.

“The best thing about this race is the people,” Brinkerhoff said. “They make it fun.”

Mary Stansell, the voice of this year’s race and a member of the Gold Beach Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club, said the chamber doesn’t make any money on the event, but it lets people know the chamber is working for the town.

This was the sixth annual running presented by the chamber of commerce. The Rotary Club brought needed volunteers and donated food and beverages.

This year’s race did not coincide with Crescent City’s Redwood Wild River Run, and that might have accounted for the higher than usual turnout of 65 runners.

Chamber member Tracy Ellenbecker said, “This is not a mud and obstacle race. This is pure nature at its best.”

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