By Mathew Brock

Pilot Sports Writer

The Bruins softball team is trying to find its footing after a rocky first week of play.

After taking a close 11-10 loss against Rogue River on Monday, the Bruins had to reschedule their Tuesday game against Del Norte due to rainy weather.

Things cleared up just enough on Wednesday for the Bruins to host the Hidden Valley Mustangs. The Bruins lost 12-3, but it was a good learning opportunity to help the team find their bearings early in the season.

What put the Mustangs ahead was a glut of walks that let them consistently load up the bases with players throughout the game. While the Bruins put up a strong defense, the Mustangs just had far more opportunities to score.

While the Bruins played a solid offense and had little trouble getting players on bases, they had difficulty getting runs in before the Mustangs managed to close out each inning.

“We took a step forward and the score doesn’t necessarily reflect that,” said Coach Kelly Garvin. “Our pitching was off and we just gave up too many walks and let them get on the bases. We’re hitting the ball really well, but when we get players on the base we end up just falling short.”

Garvin plans to put more time into the Bruins defensive skills in the upcoming week, citing that the team is still in the learning some of the key skills to make their defense work.

Garvin also believes once the team’s freshman pitcher Gracie Harm gets more experience at the high school level, they’ll be able to mitigate some of their opponents scoring opportunities.

The Bruins were scheduled to play the Gold Beach Panthers Thursday, but had to reschedule due to weather. Their next game will be the rescheduled match against Del Norte 4 p.m. Monday at Brookings-Harbor High School.