By Mathew Brock

Bruins boys basketball

The Bruins came out determined on a win last Friday to mark their Senior Night celebration.

The South Umpqua Lancers put up a good fight, but were ultimately conquered by the Bruins at 53-45.

The Bruins are now 6-3 overall for the season, tied for second place with the North Bend Bulldogs. At 12-11 overall, they are at rank No. 20 in the OSAA 4A rankings.

The first quarter was close as the Tigers pulled ahead by a single point at 12-11. Things changed early into the second quarter, the Tigers widening the gap with a series of 2-pointers that left the Bruins behind at 26-19.

During half time, the school held a drawing and auction for several gift baskets and art pieces to raise money in support of the Mayo family, who are still recovering from the recent tragedies of losing their son Kevin Mayo in a motorcycle accident and Kibby Mayo being paralysed in a car accident shortly afterwards. The event raised $3,000 for the Mayo family.

The Bruins fought hard to close the gap during the third quarter, where they came close to tying things up several times before ultimately ending just behind at 37-33. The Bruins finally went all out in the final quarter, scoring a whopping 20 points to the Tiger’s four. After tying things up 42-42 at the 3:30 mark, the Bruins were able to overwhelm the Tigers defense to end things, 53-45.

Top scorer of the night was Brig Schofield, who accounted for more than half the Bruins score at 35 points.

Coach Buelle Gonzales chose to start several less-played seniors like Jake Christensen, Mike Kreger and Gabe Barneburg in honor of Senior Night and was impressed with their tenacity.

Going forward, Gonzales stressed the importance of shutting down the opponent’s offensive plays and getting hard stops, especially looking forward to the Bruins Friday game against the first-place Marshfield Pirates.

Gonzales said he feels confident about the team’s chances if they can keep up the consistency of their offensive plays.

The Bruins travelled to Marshfield on Friday to face the Pirates in their last regular season game. The Pirates previously defeated the Bruins at 48-22 on Jan. 26 and remain undefeated this season at first place in the league. The game decides where the Bruins end up playing in the first round of playoffs, which will be determined next week.

Bruins girls basketball

The lady Bruins dominated the Tigers Feb. 9 to kick off their Senior Night celebration with a bang.

After taking an early lead, the Bruins maintained control all game before ending things at 57-41.

At 8-1 for league play, the Bruins are resting comfortably in second place to guarantee them a spot in league playoffs. The Bruins are 14-9 overall for the season at rank No. 13 in the OSAA 4A rankings.

The Bruins took control of the game in the first quarter with several choice 3-pointers to put them at 12-4 going into the second. The second quarter saw the Bruins decisively break away with a glut of free throws to put them at 30-15 going into the second half.

The Tigers began to recover at the start of the third with several 2-point shots to close the gap, but the Bruins rebutted with a massive 18-point run that would trail into the final quarter. After ending the third at 43-25, the Bruins kept up the pressure and ended with a wide 57-41 final score. The top scorer of the night was Abby Farmer with 25 points.

Coach Chris Schofield was thrilled with the girl’s performance, especially with the added pressure of Senior Night, citing that the senior players knew they would be setting the tempo for the final few games of the season.

Schofield said this was perhaps one of the best nights the Bruins had this year, with perfectly executed transitions in the first half and a solid overall offensive effort.

With the final game of the regular season looming, Schofield is preparing to face off against their biggest rival of the year, the Marshfield Pirates.

“We’re coming in at a great spot and we’ve got nothing to lose,” Schofield said. “All the pressures on them to win the league title, which they probably feel a little entitled to, and it’ll be their Senior Night, but maybe we can come in and steal it from them.”

The Bruins played the Pirates at Marshfield on Friday and will likely schedule their playoff match early next week.