Bruins boys basketball

In a repeat of their first match earlier in the season, the Bruins took down the Siuslaw Vikings last Tuesday, 51-47. With a 5-2 league record, the Bruins are tied with Friday opponent North Bend for second place in the Far West league. The Bruins are 11-10 overall for the season at rank No. 18 in the OSAA 4A rankings.

The Bruins were behind in the first quarter at 13-9, but things were tied up going into the second half at 24-24. From there, the score remained close, but the Bruins came out ahead in the third at 38-35 and managed to pull away from the Vikings in the fourth by ending at 51-47.

The Bruins hosted the North Bend Bulldogs on Friday and will play their last home game of the year against the South Umpqua Lancers on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

Bruins girls basketball

The Bruins took another solid victory in their rematch against the Siuslaw Vikings last Tuesday at 53-24. The Bruins are sitting comfortably at second place in the Far West league with a 6-1 record. At 12-9 overall for the season, the Bruins are at rank No. 13 in the OSAA 4A division.

The Bruins faced the North Bend Bulldogs at home Friday and host the South Umpqua Lancers Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Bruins wrestling

The Bruins wrestlers travelled to Hidden Valley High School on Friday to compete in the regional wrestling tournament this weekend, which will be their final scheduled competition of the year. The Bruin’s Saturday matches begin at 10 a.m.

Panthers boys basketball

The Panthers faced the Reedsport Braves last Tuesday, who they were tied with for second-place in the Sunset Conference, for a heartbreaking 73-62 loss that will likely dampen the Panther’s playoff ambitions. With a 4-4 league record, the Panthers are now tied with Waldport for third place. The Panthers are currently 11-9 overall for the season at rank No. 23 in the OSAA 2A division.

The Braves took an early lead by wracking up 25 points to the Panther’s 18. The gap only widened as the Panthers were unable keep pace with 48-36 divide at the end of the half. The Panthers began to falter in the third with only 11 points to their two previous 18-point quarters, while the Braves continued to run away with a 65-47 lead. While the Panthers began to close the gap in the fourth, it wasn’t enough to catch the Brave before the game ended at 62-73.

The Panthers went up against the Toledo Boomers Friday and head to Bandon Tuesday to play the Tigers in their final scheduled league game of the season.

Panthers girls basketball

The Panthers are inching ever closer to an undefeated season with last Tuesday’s wide 65-21 victory against the Reedsport Braves. With an eight-game streak, the Panthers are first in the league, rivaled only by Toledo at second place. The Panthers are 15-5 overall for the season at rank No. 9 in the OSAA 2A ranking

The Panthers started Tuesday’s game with a wide 14-2 lead, which only grew as they went into the second half at 29-5. While the Braves made some gains in the third quarter, they had no chance of catching the Panther’s 48-16 lead. With an average 15-points per quarter, the Panthers wrapped things up with a whopping 60-21 final score.

The Panthers faced the second place Toledo Boomers on Friday to decide if their spot at the top of the league will remain secure and travel to Bandon to play their final league game of the season against the Tigers at 5:30 p.m.