Bruins boys basketball

The Trojans proved to be a close match-up for the Bruins during last Friday’s rematch game at Douglas. The Trojans forced another overtime game, but the Bruins managed to narrowly claim victory at 71-70.

The win puts the Bruins at 4-2 in the Far West League, sitting securely in third place. The Bruins are currently even at 10-10 for the season at rank No. 19 in the OSAA 4A ranking.

The Bruins ended the first quarter behind at 21-11 but began to close the gap in the second quarter and ended the half at 31-26.

After running into some foul trouble in the first half, the Bruins began cycling in many players off their bench. This worked well as they managed to snag the lead by the end of the third quarter at 48-44.

The Trojans weren’t going to give up without a fight though, as they managed to tie things up in the fourth at 66-66 with less than 30 seconds on the clock.

Overtime remained neck-and-neck until the 2-minute mark, when Bruins’ Jon Kleepsies scored a free throw to put the team a single point ahead at 71-70. The final two minutes wore down without further scoring by either team.

“It was one of those games where we got into some foul trouble early on, but it ended up being a real testament to our bench kids,” said Coach Jay Trost.

The Bruins travelled to Siuslaw Tuesday to face the Vikings, who drove them into overtime when the Bruins hosted them Jan. 16. Later this week, the Bruins host North Bend, who defeated them 68-44 earlier in the season. The game starts at 7:30 p.m.

Bruins girls basketball

Once again the Bruins prevailed over the Douglas Trojans at 41-36, regardless of the Trojan’s home court advantage. This puts the Bruins at 5-1 in the Far West League, securely in second place, and 11-9 overall for the season at rank No. 13 in the OSAA 4A rankings.

The Bruins ran into foul trouble in the first half and had to sub in younger players such as subbing in Chloe McCrae for Brianna Humphrey. But as they gained the upper hand it became a good opportunity to keep the younger members of the team in the game.

The second half went well for the Bruins, who totalled nine turnovers throughout and executed one of their best offensive efforts of the year, according to Coach Chris Schofield.

“Other than a few odd possessions we did a good job of being patient and taking good looks when shooting,” said Schofield.

The Bruins went on to face Siuslaw again Tuesday and return home Friday to face North Bend at 6:30 p.m.

Panthers boys basketball

The Panthers bested the Irish again last Friday, as they defeated Waldport 21-12 on their home court.

The win puts the Panthers at 4-3 in the Sunset Conference, tied for second with Reedsport, their Tuesday opponent.

The Panthers are currently 11-8 overall at rank No. 22 in the OSAA 4A rankings.

The Panthers maintained an early lead in the first half as they ended the first quarter at 21-12 and the second at 32-26.

The Irish nearly tied things up with a big run and managed to end the third at 46-45. But after a few close calls, the Panthers secured a close 57-55 victory as the clock ran out in the fourth.

Top scorer of the game for the Panthers was Todd Halcomb at 27 points.

“It felt good; it was a good win. They put a good run on us at the very end, but we managed to fend them,” said Coach Jay Trost.

Trost says the team still has playoff ambitions going into this week, and if they can defeat Reedsport, they will have a firm hold on second place.

The Panthers faced Reedsport Tuesday, who they were tied with for second place in the league. Later this week, the Panthers will host the undefeated Toledo Boomers again at 7 p.m. on Friday, to hopefully avenge their 80-41 loss to them earlier in the season.

Panthers girls basketball

The Panthers triumphed during their rematch against the Waldport Irish last Friday, taking a 50-40 victory over their hosts and adding onto their now seven-game undefeated streak.

At 7-0, the Panthers are sitting comfortably at first place in the Sunset Conference. The team is currently 14-5 overall for the season at rank No. 9 in the OSAA 2A rankings.

The Panthers took a 12-2 lead in the first quarter and maintained that breathing room going into the second half at 28-15.

The Irish were unable to challenge them at 38-22 in the third.

The Panther’s top scorer of the game was Brandy Allen at 17 points, with a whopping three consecutive three-point shots the first quarter.

With point guard Brandy Allen out with an injury, Coach Chris Clark hopes the team can make up the difference as they face Toledo, one of their toughest opponents in the league, later this week.

“This will be our chance to lock down our spot at the top of the league or decide if we’re going to need to keep fighting for it,” said Clark.

The Panthers travelled to North Bend to play the Reedsport Braves again Tuesday and will go on to host Toledo Friday at 6 p.m.

Pirates boys basketball

The Pirates boys basketball team faced the Camas Valley Hornets again last Saturday, cruising to a 63-42 victory. The Pirates remain undefeated with a 12-0 record at first place in the Skyline League. The team is currently 22-2 overall for the season at rank No. 1 in the OSAA 1A rankings.

The Pirates play their final league game of the year this Friday against the Elkton Elks at 7:30 p.m. at Pacific High School.

Pirates girls basketball

The Pirates lost to the Camas Valley Hornets last Saturday as they ended the game at 33-25. This puts the Pirates at 8-4 for the season, and fourth place in the Skyline League. The Pirates are 11-12 overall for the season at rank No. 36 in the OSAA 1A rankings.

For their final league game of the season, the Pirates host the Elkton Elks at Pacific High School. The game starts at 6 p.m.