By Mathew Brock

The Bruins seem to shine brightest when backed into a corner. After lagging behind for most of the game, the Bruins pulled off their second overtime victory in a row against the Siuslaw Vikings last Friday, ending the game at 54-49.

The win puts the Bruins at 2-0 in the Far West League, tied with Marshfield for first place. The Bruins are 8-8 overall for the season at rank No. 13 in the OSAA 4A rankings.

It was a grim start for the Bruins, who ended the first quarter behind the the Vikings significant 20-10 lead. The Bruins made big gains in the second quarter, but the Viking’s early lead helped them stay ahead at 25-21 by the half. It was still a struggle for the Bruins in the third quarter as the Vikings maintained a modest 37-32 lead.

The Bruins finally closed the gap in the fourth quarter, tying up the score at 43-43 with only 40 seconds left on the clock. Overtime proved to be a tense back and forth, but thanks to a perfect free-throw game and some last-minute two-point shots by Eli Mills, the Bruins managed to pull ahead 53-49 to wrap things up.

The top scorer for the Bruins was Austin Fronckowiak at 13 points.

It was an uncharacteristic game for the Bruins, according to coach Buelle Gonzales. Multiple turnovers, great passes and a perfect free throw game helped the Bruins snatch victory. Gonzales was especially impressed with the Bruin’s perfect 15 for 15 free throws, a first for any team he’s coached at Brookings-Harbor thus far.

“The kids found a way to win. The difference between today and Friday was all the turnovers and we were throwing passes we can’t even make in practice,” said Gonzales. “We came out physical and in the end just forced it.”

Gonzales is still taking things one game at a time, but plans to focus on improving the strengths he saw displayed by the team on Tuesday moving forward.

The Bruins traveled to North Bend on Friday to play the Bulldogs and go on to play the Lancers Tuesday at South Umpqua at 7:30 p.m.