By Mathew Brock


In their first home game of the season last Tuesday night, the Bruins boys basketball team defeated the Hidden Valley Mustangs at 48-36. Their record now sits at 2-2 overall at 21st place in the OSAA rankings.

The Bruins took an early lead in the first quarter, which ended 13-8. They maintained it for the rest of the game, hitting halftime 24-17 and ending the third quarter 37-21. The top scorer for the Bruins was #1 Eli Mills with 8 points.

According to Head Coach Buell Gonzales Jr., the Bruins played a solid defense with only roughly 15 turnovers, while also making good shots offensively.

"The defense was good on the home side. The kids came to play defensively,” said Gonzales. “Offensively, we struggled to take shots, but the shots we did take were good ones.”

Moving forward, the Bruins will practice their transition and execution during practice to revisit their fundamental skills. Coach Gonzales also plans to revisit their defensive rotation and start to tweak the team's offensive strategy.

The Bruins boys play next Friday at North Valley. The game starts at 7:30 p.m.


The Bruins girls were defeated by the Hidden Valley Mustangs in their first home game of the year on Tuesday, ending at 36-46 against the Hidden Valley Mustangs. Their record for the season is 0-4 at rank 37 in the OSAA rankings.

After falling behind and ending the first quarter at 7-13, the Bruins stayed behind all game and ended the first half 19-31. The third quarter looked promising as the Bruins started to close the gap at 28-35, but ultimately couldn’t catch up when the Mustangs started scoring in the final stretch. Abby Farmer was the top scorer for the Bruins with 14 points.

According to Head Coach Chris Schofield, the team has been steadily improving, but is about a week behind where he hoped they’d be skill-wise and are still dealing with early season jitters.

“We’ve got some kids who are still terrified at the beginning of the game,” said Schofield. "We’ve got to learn how to calm ourselves down. It shows in things like missed layups.”

Moving forward he plans to work on positioning and communication on the court.

The Bruins girls play next Friday at Hidden Valley. The game starts at 6 p.m.