Against a Siuslaw team that was also seeking its first win, the Brookings-Harbor football team suffered a heartbreaking 31-26 loss in their final season game at Elmer Bankus Field on Friday night.

The loss mirrors the Bruin’s season finale against Siuslaw last year, in which they suffered a 14-13 loss. Counting last season, the Bruins (0-8 overall, 0-5) have now lost 13 games in a row.

The Vikings (1-7, 1-4), whose last win also came against the Bruins, snap their seven-game skid.

The Bruins were the first to get on the board with a touchdown run five minutes into the first quarter to lead 6-0, but the Irish responded in kind with an extra point to take the lead.

Waldport built upon its lead with another endzone drive in the second, but the Bruins quickly followed suit to even the score. The Bruins looked to be in good position to score, but the Vikings intercepted a pass by freshman quarterback Andrew Burger for a pick-six to take a 19-13 lead into halftime.

In the third quarter, Burger connected with junior Nick Martinez within the five-yard line, and drove the ball into the endzone the ensuing down for a 20-19 lead.

With less than five minutes remaining in the third, the Vikings converted a crucial fourth-and-4 to keep their drive alive. The Vikings earned a new set of downs after converting another fourth-and 4 on the Bruin’s 25-yard line and broke into the endzone to retake the lead at 25-20 before the end of the third.

After a holding call on the VIkings, the Bruins made their way to the 25-yard line for a first-and-10 and Burger connected with senior wide receiver Tanner Wyatt to flip the lead at 26-25 with 7:21 left to go.

In no hurry to beat the clock, the Vikings gradually made their way back towards the Bruin end zone by running up the middle. With 3:51 seconds from the Bruin’s 14-yards line, the Vikings had a 11-yard gain to stand at the three-yard line.

The Bruins defense kept Siuslaw out of the endzone to force them into a fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line, but the Vikings struck paydirt on their final attempt to make it a five-point game with 1:58. Shortly after the Vikings intercepted a Bruin pass to clinch the game.

Gold Beach

In arguably their most lopsided win of the season, the Gold Beach Panthers handed Waldport a 62-13 pummeling on the road on Friday night.

The Panthers (5-2 overall, 4-0 conference) started the game with all cylinders firing, and drove into the endzone six times for a 46-0 lead with four minutes and 20 seconds remaining in the first quarter.

Upon securing a running clock, the Panther’s varsity team was relieved by the junior varsity squad.

The Panthers will close out the regular season against Bandon at home next week.