Brendan Yu
Curry Coastal Pilot

Azalea Park is once again expected to more than 1,200 runners this Saturday as the site of the finish line for the annual Wild Rogue Relay.

The Wild Rogue Relay is a 218-mile relay that that traces the wild Rogue River through the Cascade Mountains to the Oregon coast. This year is the third year in a row that Brookings has hosted the relay’s closing festivities.

Race director Jim Brendle explained that the city of Brookings had expressed a strong interest in being designated as the finish for the relay, and that the city was a sponsor of the race.

“It’s a beautiful city, and the people are pleasant to work with,” said Brendle.

Brendle noted that he expected the relay to run smoothly, as the number of volunteers from last year had doubled to 160.

“We’re more organized and ready for the relay than we’ve ever been,” said Brendle.